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In many video games and other media, minor characters play a small role in whatever media they are in. These characters are generally given articles due to their unique characteristics and personality. However, there are occasionally generic characters who are minor in terms of role and have little, if no, distinctive features to be notable. These are known as incidental characters. While named, these characters have very few traits other than being part of a group or another species. For instance, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! has a Flurry that goes by the name of Flaky, who appeared in one episode. While named, their appearance is brief, and they have no notable personality traits that warrant an entire article. As a result, they do not get a separate article; instead, they get a mention in the Flurry article. However, a redirect can point them to The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! section. Likewise, their category relevant to other Flurries (such as being a snowman and a character from the show) are present in their redirect article for convenience. Likewise, Tuxie, a Baby Penguin who appears in Super Mario 64, only gets a mention in the Super Mario 64 section rather than having a dedicated character article to her. Note that this only refers to extremely generic characters or characters with very little information to warrant a complete article. If a somewhat incidental character has enough traits to receive an article, it can be separate from their species articles.

An example of a character with notable enough traits are as follows:

  • Have enough importance to effect the storyline of the game or piece of media. A good example is Francesca.
  • If in an RPG game or any other game with this feature, they can sell the player items and weapons. However, the shop vendors must still have names to have articles. A good example is Gramma Red and Gramma Green and Cinder Toad.
  • Part of an optional sidequest, such as a Trouble. This can apply to conjectural NPCs.

If users feel a particular subject should merge with a species or group article, they can make proposals to debate the issue.


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