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TaBooki with Leaf.pngTaBooki!

Real Name: Tom
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 12th
Favorite Game: Super Mario Galaxy
Favorite Characters: Boo, DK and Bowser Jr.
Least Favorite Game: New Super Mario Bros. 2
Country: Netherlands

Hi, I'm T0M, but please call me Tom. I'm not only an user on the Super Mario Wiki, but I'm also active on the Fantendo Wikia, the wiki for Nintendo fanon as T0M.V.12. I'm a huge fan of the Super Mario series, but I think it went downwarts after SMG2 with the main franchise. I'm also a huge fan of the SSB series and I can't wait until SSB4.

About Me

I'm a 14 year old, Dutch user. I really love gaming, but above all, hanging around with my friends. I love making fan-made games and characters, and of course art. That's why I joined Fantendo. I'm usually nice to people and if you want to ask me something, just ask. I have to learn a bit how things work here, since it's a bit different from Fantendo, so I would appreciate some help so now and then. Thanks.

My profile is currently under construction. Please visit again later for the final version.

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