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The PWNSOME Smorg.

Smorg is the sixth major boss of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

This boss does not manage to obtain a Crystal Star, but it attacks the Excess Express during the special adventure to Paradise Playroom. This boss is made up of smaller Smorgs. They are first seen at the Riverside Station, where they lift the drawbridge to stop the train from going far (it is unknown if it is working for the Bowser Jr. to stop Mario and his teammates from reaching his Paradise Playroom. Later on, they stow away on the train and kidnap the passengers. Mario and his teammates fight the Smorgs on the rooftop of the train to rescue the passengers. When they are defeated, they will blow away in the wind and release the passengers. Smorg has many different forms, including Miasma Form, Koopa Form, Shadow Form and Human Form. The appearance of the smaller Smorgs somewhat resembles that of Fuzzies. They have yet to appear in another Mario title.

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HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!? THIS IS SMORG PROPERTY! Well, seing as you're here I'll show you my homepage.

Now the Real Homepage....Thing.....Load of Writing...BLAH!

Hi. My Username is Smorg Miasma because He is da most PWNSOME boss ever ;) ! Meh actual name is...Hope you caught that, coz i'm only sayin it once. My sole Purpose in life is to Asplode, that and some other things. I really like pokemon, rotom is my fave. I play football at school and i'm in the B Team. I live in Harwich, Essex, England, UK.