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Status:Retired. I will still be on Userpedia, however. Hamtaro and I have moved on...



Favorite Mario Game: Mario Party 5
Allies:3dejong, Pokemon DP, Master Crash, Xpike, ChaosNinji, Dry Bones, RAP, Arend

General Info

“Just a little more, Charizard!”
Pokémon Trainer, Super Smash Bros. Brawl
“Sonic's the name,speed's my game!”
Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros. Brawl

NOTE:If there are any Hamtaro fans on my page, tell me at teh talk page

Hi! I'm Nega-Mario, and welcome to my page of l333tness! I'm just a kid with a love for anything Mario,Kirby or Metroid. I just started here, so I haven't done much! I love to make video games, and I created Blade and Blue in Super Smash Flash. I am also really good at Power point. To see one, go on Mozilla Firefox and type in Yoshi Bio.nerr. If you can teach me how to make sprites, tell me on my talk page. If you want me in a comic,go down for my sprites! If you want anything, drop a line on my talk page. Also, I love Mario and Brawl. My favorite Marioverse character is Yoshi. Also, I love Hamtaro and Pokemon, as well as Sonic. One thing you MUST know about me is that I think that HALO SUCKS! If you wanna know what I do, I'll do stuff on Smash Bros mostly! I can also help on some of the Wanted Pages, though someone should add the templates cause I don't know how to. If anyone can help me tell me at my talk page. I also have a sister. She loves Hamtaro more than me, and I'm a die-hard fan! My fave character is Stan and hers is Penelope. We both miss the show, and hope it comes back. She tends to throw dice at me while we play board games(how annoying).Oh, and I think that Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be the BEST VIDEO GAME EVER!!! I also have one other character:Shadic, a fusion of Sonic and Shadow, whose sprites I'll get soon (I hope).Any comments,questions, or Story suggestions?(I can't do comics)Go to my talk. I also have a company for people to join, and I need employees, so sign up!

Check out the awesomest show ever, Super Mario Bros Z!

My Favorites

My list of favorite things

  • Color:Red
  • Video Game:Kirby 64:The Crystal Shards
  • Third-Party Character:Shadow
  • Cartoon:Hamtaro
  • Manga:Naruto
  • Mario Form:Fire Mario
  • Anime:One Piece
  • Pokemon:Charizard
  • Food:Sloppy Joes
  • Drink:Root Beer!
  • Phrase:HEAD ASPLOSION!!!!
  • Book:How to Draw Nintendo Heroes&Villians
  • Website:[1] Warning:If you are an anti-hamster person don't go there.
  • Store:Gamestop
  • Web RPG:[2](I'm only level 3)
  • Quote:"Hey,hey,let's dance!" from Hamtaro
  • TV station:Cartoon Network
  • Breakfast:PANCAKES!!
  • User:Pokemon DP
  • Mario Game:Super Mario World
  • Video Game Company:Nintendo
  • Video Game System:Wii
  • TV character:Chowder
  • Hobby:Writing stories on AlphaSmart
  • Song:Witch Doctor(Alvin&the Chipmunks)
  • Nintendo Character:Kirby(Hi!)
  • Web Game:[3] It PWNS!
  • Top 3 websites:[4],[5], and [[6]]

My Beliefs

  • Donkey Kong (the game)never existed.
  • 3Dejong is the best user EVER!
  • Chao are cute
  • Sega should join Nintendo,because all the new games suck.
  • Kirby=AWESOME!!
  • Mario is overrated
  • Mario Party 8 sucks
  • LOLcats rule
  • Luigi PWNS
  • Toad should get a game to himself
  • Hamtaro is the second-best thing in existence
  • The best thing ever is Kirby!
  • Meta Knight is Kirby's bro
  • Mario cartoons rule
  • Microsoft games suck
  • Sony sucks too
  • N64s and Wiis are the BEST SYSTEMS EVER!
  • Energy drinks suck
  • Runescape is the stupidest thing in existence
  • Same goes for Halo


Every time I write a Mario story I will post it here. Any compliments can be sent to my talk page. Suggestions can also be taken.

Wiki's End 2

Wiki's End 2

One day, in the Mushroom Kingdom, several users were happily doing what they wanted, when suddenly, everything changed.

The sky darkened. Lightning flashed. Thunder crashed.Giant waves pounded against the shore. It was as if the world was coming to an end. And in one way ,it was. A large being of shadow descended down upon the street. The shadow destroyed nearly everything. Nega-Mario emerged from his house, when Pokemon DP came and said, "Help,Nega-Mario! This shadow is destroying everything! Round up all the good users and tell them to come to the square immediately. Go!" Nega-Mario rounded up every good user he knew at the square, and they all decided to fight the shadow. Xzelion went first and started trying to swallow him. When that didn't work, Masta Kirby started using rapid punches, which also failed. Smiddle and Plumber both threw Bob-ombs at the shadow.Without a scratch, the shadow launched a deadly sphere of black energy, and all of the users were unconscious and severely injured, except Wayoshi, who carried all of the unconscious people back to a secret clubhouse, and laid them to rest.

Two weeks later, Nega-Mario woke up, and Wayoshi greeted him. "Hi,Nega-Mario. I brought all you guys here. Welcome to the Wiki Alliance. I've done research, and I've found out that that shadow being was known as Nightmare. I've also read that we need the seven Pearls of Power to defeat him. Luckily, I found one in the backyard. So we need six more. I sent all the able-bodied users out to the rest of the kingdom to retrieve them. I'll stay here, though I'll send you with another user. Hmm,I've sent Smiddle and Plumber to Desert Land,Dry Bones and Paper Jorge to Water Land,Knife and ChaosNinji to Grass Land, Xzelion and Crystal Yoshi to Giant Land, and Master Crash and Son of Suns to Sky Land. I got it! You can join Pokemon DP and 3Dejong in patrolling Shroom City. Here, take your car in the back. I've also downloaded the map of Shroom City in your DS. Meet with the two and tell them." Walking around the Wiki Alliance HQ, Nega-Mario found the garage, then drove his car outside and found 3D."Alright, you can come. Just don't get in our way if we have lots of danger.", 3D said. Driving their cars to Shroom City, the gang saw the city overrun by monsters! Pokemon DP jumped out of his car, then used a Thunderbolt on the monsters to kill some of them, then Nega-Mario hopped on some, letting 3D kick a Koopa shell at the rest. Moving on, the threesome checked houses, and when they got to the center of the city, a large group of monsters came! DP used Volt Tackle, when Nega-Mario found a Green Star up on top of a building, and caught it. Turning into Star Nega-Mario, Star Bits rained on foes, except for one Koopatrol. 3D took out a watermelon out of a nearby garden, then smashed it straight at the Koopatrol, making it's armor rust. Taking this opportunity, Nega-Mario threw Star Bits at the Koopatrol and killed it, making it drop a Pearl of Power! Taking the recovered lost gem, Wayoshi put up a stand at HQ, with the label, "Pearls of Power". There was the green one and the purple one in there, but Nega-Mario's DS beeped. It was a call from Master Crash! It read, "Help! I need the first user who gets this message in Sky Land. I'm injured, and I don't think Son of Suns can handle anymore. Please!" Hurrying up to Sky Land, the heroes were too late. Son of Suns and Master Crash were unconscious. 3D then deducted, "Huh. I guess enemies swarmed them, or else they wouldn't be so bloody. I guess those twerps got a Pearl of Power. I guess we better take them back." Carrying Master Crash, Nega-Mario jumped down from the clouds into the ocean, then swam to his car and drove back! Wayoshi let them stay, then DP came in with good news. "I just found out that Wikipedia has a Pearl of Power! Dry Bones got it back, so he'll be here shortly." Dry Bones then came in, and deposited the yellow Pearl of Power. With three down, 3D decided to go to one of Nightmare's strongholds in Desert Land to get back the cyan pearl, which Wayoshi agreed to. Arriving back in Desert Land, Pokemon DP rushed in to clear out the minor enemies. 3D then started using enemies as trampolines. Yelling, 3D assured,"It's okay to go in Nega-Mario, we cleared out the Koopatrols, and it's safe...HOLY CHEESE WAFFLES, WHAT THE CRUD IS THAT!" Rushing in, a giant sandworm rose up and ate the Pearl of Power, then challenged the threesome. 3D randomly took stuff out of his pockets to throw, and found a Bullet Bill, which stunned the sandworm. DP and Nega-Mario performed a combo attack, where Nega-Mario threw a Skull-Bashing DP at the sandworm's tail. Nega-Mario then whipped out his Super Hammer, and mauled the sandworm to death, making it puke up the Pearl of Power, the cyan one, to be exact. Taking their treasure, the threesome took a long journey back to Toad Town, facing lots of Pokeys and Bandits on the way.

Later at HQ, the fourth Pearl of Power was deposited, and Smiddle and Plumber came back, explaining that another Pearl of Power had been found, but some goon from Shiver City came and took it back, while also stealing Knife's grey one. The five made a decision to go to Grass Land and get it back.

The five used their teamwork skills to destroy Nightmare's goons in Grass Land easily, until a giant castle loomed before them. Venturing bravely onward, the fivesome came across a large penguin, who had defeated Crystal Yoshi and Xzelion, who Plumber decided to take back. The penguin started trying to stomp the four users, but Smiddle used his random fighting style with 3D's wackier fighting style to create a confusing, yet deadly combo! Smiddle fired an endless supply of ketchup at the eyes of the penguin, while 3D tossed random stuff, eventually finding a Banzai Bill and Gourmet Guy, who were fired promptly at the large bird. Suddenly,3D farted, and the penguin died from the horrible stench of the 5 burritos and Graveyards 3D had for breakfast. Continuing to get the sixth Pearl of Power, they were met with a shocking sight at HQ:Dry Bones was gravely injured, but before he died he told them,"Nightmare..he..came and took..the pearl. get it...go to...D-D-Dark Land. Bye."

"Nooooooooooooooo!", Smiddle cried as the Wayoshi decided that everyone except him,Masta Kirby,Plumber, and Xzelion would go to Dark Land while the others stand guard. Heading bravely out, the large group of users stormed Nightmare's castle. The fortress was gloomy and filled with traps. The enemies swarmed them, until Goombario had an idea. He explained,"Let's destroy them all. Maybe then we might get out of this endless castle and fight Nightmare. It's worth a shot. Plus, it always happens in video games. And since when have video games proven us wrong?" Everyone agreeing, they were shocked to find the red Pearl of Power, and took a spring, where Goombario yelled,"What the...HOLY GUACAEMOLE,GET UP HERE!". Up in the room, they found none other than the dreaded Nightmare!

Smiddle Bob-ombed him for no effect, when suddenly all the Pearls of Power gathered around the users, empowering them and weakening Nightmare. Smiddle teamed with Master Crash to pummel him, and then a double Volt Tackle from Arend and Pokemon DP crushed him. Knowing that it wasn't over, Nega-Mario grabbed a Red Power Star to get the battle over with, turning him into Hyper Nega-Mario! With silver overalls and a golden cap&shirt, Nega-Mario pummeled Nightmare, with Knife wanting a turn. Throwing all sorts of pointy weapons at Nightmare, ChaosNinji stabbed him with a shuriken and kunai at the same time. Knife and Ninji then performed their deadly technique, "Knife Storm" Chaos Ninji and Knife powered up their weapons with fire energy, then unleashed a torrent of ninja weaponry on Nightmare, who finally sank.

Xpike checked if he was dead, when Nightmare sprang up and possesed him, turning him into...Shadow Xpike! Xpike Spin Dashed into everyone, when Wayoshi and Masta Kirby dropped to fight Nightmare! Wayoshi threw about a bazillion exploding eggs to stun him, then Ground Pounded Xpike, with Masta Kirby unleashing Vulcan Jab, Rising Break, and Hammer. Xpike Homing Attacked them, when Wayo Egg Rolled to counter, followed by Egg Toss, while Masta Kirby dropped from above and used Stone. Suddenly, Nightmare shot dark beams, and everyone fell unconscious again except DP,Wayoshi and Masta Kirby. Then, Wayoshi weakened him with a Egg Lay, when the mother of all attacks crashed into Nightmare all at once:Volt Tackle,Egg Roll, and Smash Punch all in a combo. Nightmare started exploding, when Xpike lay unconscious. Wayoshi saw everyone else wake up and congratulate him on the good fighting he had done with Masta Kirby.

Everyone kept the Pearls of Power at the Wiki Alliance, and everything in the Mushroom Kingdom was right again, after all the sysops and bureaucrats repaired Toad Town. Nega-Mario than ran off to see if Super Mario Bros Z was on!

The End!

Brawl Moveset


Neutral B Star Bit:Nega-Mario throws a Star Bit at foes

Side B Fire Dash:Nega-Mario envelopes himself in fire and shoots forward.

Up B Hi-Jump:Nega-Mario puts on a yellow cape and flies upwards, hitting anyone above him.

Down B Night Cloak:Nega-Mario spins and turns invisible.

Final Smash Dark Firestorm: Nega-Mario yells, while launching a black fireball across the stage tha that severely hurts fighters


Up:Nega-Mario does a power-up pose

Side:Nega-Mario creates two fireballs in his palms

Down:Nega-Mario disappears for a second and reappears

Victory Poses

1st:Throws a fireball to both sides

2nd:Jumps and says, "Haha"



Neutral B Spindash:Shadic curls in a ball, then shoots forward.

Side B Chaos Wind:Shadic throws a yellow ball of energy.

Up B Booster:Shadic's shoes flare and he shoots upwards.

Down B Chaos Spear:Yellow lightning bolts shoot out of Shadic's palm.

Final Smash Ringbeam:Shadic absorbs thousands of Rings, and fires a concentrated beam of energy at foes.


Up:Makes a psychic sparkle

Side:Waves his finger and says, "No way!"

Down:Breakdances and poses

Victory Poses

1st:Waves his hand and creates psychic sparkles.

2nd:Spindashes in place, then says, "Heh"

3rd:Turns his back and says, "I am the ultimate"



Kart:Dark Fire

Description: Red Fire, with black replacing the red and red replacing the blue.

Item:Dark Fireball

Description: Nega-Mario's kart is enveloped in dark fire and hurtles along at supersonic speeds.

Partner: Nega-Luigi

Description:Luigi with black overalls and cap, as well as green overalls.


Kart:Sonic Driver

Description: A missile with a booster in the back, as well as a red stripe on the side


Description: A completely silver version of Sonic

Item: Rings

Description:Shadic's kart gets a huge burst of speed.

Mario Strikers Charged Info



Super Ability:Fire Dash!:Nega-Mario is engulfed in fire and shoots forward, burning foes in his path.

Mega Strike:Nega-Mario leaps high, turns into Metal Nega-Mario, then crushes the ball.



Super Ability Chaos Spear!:Yellow lightning impales all the opponents in front of him. He can use this four times.

Mega Strike:Shadic gethers energy in his upraised hand as his eyes glow and the background goes black, then punches the ball with amazing speed.


Here are my Nega-Mario sprites. Please ask before using.


A cool pic of me!
A picture of my sis!

More,(and better), sprites coming soon.

Paper Mario Stats


Location:Toad Town




Attacks:Tornado Jump(4),Dark Fireball(6),Hammer(5)High Jump(disappers for one turn, then strikes the next)(9),Heal(heals 30 HP)

Tattle:That's Nega-Mario, born when a mutated Smorg touched Flying Mario.HP is 90,Attack is 3, and Defense is 0. He can unleash dark attacks and heal himself. The real hurtin' comes when he uses the high jump. He'll leap high, then crush you. Better dodge with Bow.Just learn the attack patterns and beat him!


Location:Toad Town




Attacks:Spindash(5),Spin Jump(4 to all opponents),Chaos Wind(6),Ringbeam(18 to all,charges for 1 turn)

Tattle:That's Shadic, a fusion of Sonic and Shadow. Being a fusion, he is fast and powerful. HP is 50, Attack is 5, and Defense is 2. He attacks with spin attacks, just like Sonic. However, he also posseses powerful magic.He can throw a Chaos Wind for some quick hits, or absorb thousands of rings for a HUGE beam.Dodge with Bow while he's absorbing Rings.He also is friends with Nega-Mario.

Best Songs Ever


This is THE Best Hamtaro Video EVAR:

Lyrics to Pika Caramelldansen

Dance send me Os
Japan in a handbag
Yours only yours<br. I'm not afraid of dancing
You smell like
Misa in the club sayin
Let any helm'a


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Super Mario Bros Z Saga

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