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Mario from New Super Mario Bros Wii.
Full name Why should I tell you?
Species As far as you know Human.

A little about myself

The first thing you should know about me is that I think mario wiki Rocks! I also need friends on this wiki. I think that nintendo needs to look back at game systems like Atari, NES, SNES, and N64 there the games that made nintendo famous. But that is just my opinion other people might have a different opinion. Most of the games I play are Mario. But I wish they would make new mario tv shows. And Mario Legos like Bowsers castle lego set I would collect all of them or a Mario kart track with the karts and people. And a game like Mario & Sonic at the x-games or Mario vs. sonic you know just somthing unexpected. I could not live with out mario it is a part of my life.

My Mario Collection

# Boxart Name Rating My Description System Complete
1 100px Donkey Kong Country 6.5 The grphics are good for the system. The controls are okay. SNES At the snow place
2 DKC2.jpg Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy kong's Quest 7.0 Better than the first. SNES At Krazy Kremland
3 DKC3 Cover.jpg Donkey Kong Country 3 Dixie kong's double trouble 5.0 Bad. Enemys look terrible. And bannana Birds come on. SNES At the place with the moving seats
4 SMAS.jpg Super Mario All-Stars 6.5 Nothing to say. SNES Beat Super Mario Bros
5 SMK Player's Choice Box Cover.jpg Super Mario Kart 5.0 Worst of the mario kart series. SNES Beat the mushroom cup.
6 Super Mario World Box.png Super Mario World 5.5 Okay. SNES Beat world 2
7 SMW2.jpg Super Mario World 2 Yoshis island 8.0 Great. SNES Beat the final boss.
8 100px Warios woods 0.0 Terrible SNES Nothing

My Favorite Mario Characters

My least favorite Mario Characters








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Petey Piranha