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Scorpion999(me) is an awesome individual. He is a police chief in the Mushroom Kingdom, and a writer for the 'Shroom, but he's also a monster slayer. He hates how whenever he creates an article(2) it's always deleted but comes back later. It's weird... Although he looks like a Magikoopa, he's just a Koopa Troopa with glasses, wizard garments, and a wand. He's also really into other game series like Pokemon, Kirby, Sonic, Dragon Quest, and Halo, just to name a few.


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File:Trophy291.PNG Tamagon File:StafyTrophy.jpg Stafy or Starfy

File:Sabure Prince Sticker.jpg Sabure Prince File:Trophy282.PNG Stanley the Bugman

Hey it's Scorpion999! i don't remember when but I first found this wiki when I was looking for what Gearmo were called. I soon liked this wiki and looked at the articles on it galore. But one Saturday I decided to join. I created these pages:Jibberjay File:Robo.PNG Yes, i think Gearmos are the cutest things in Super Mario Galaxy.

File:TrIke.jpg Ike File:Lip Sticker.jpgLip

File:Takamaru Sticker.jpg Takamaru

Muddy Mole.gif Muddy Mole[1]Work it Harder Make it Better Do it Faster Makes us Stronger More than Ever Hour After Our Work is Never Over


You see that cute little dragon above? That's Tamagon. He's from a Japan only game called Devil World. He collected items to defeat the henchmen of Devil. Devil is an assist trophy in Brawl.

Stanley the Bugman is an exterminator. He owns a greenhouse. Insects constantly attack it, so he attacks them with pesticide. There is a rumor that Stanley is Mario and Luigi's cousin!


I have two other accounts in NIWA. BP[2](Will have userpage up soon) PF[3]

Monster Slaying Tools

Mario would make a great monster slayer. He has fought mummies(Mumipokey), vampires(Vampire Wario), ghosts(Boos), and more. So these are the tools he would use.

Pure Water 60px Garlic File:Twisted Garlic.jpg Fire Flower New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Fire Flower.png Bob-ombs