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Shogun Studios


  • If Mario manages to teleport from Sensor Lab to Shogun Studios, he will be kicked out of Shogun Studios by a Blue Toad as soon as he gets out of the fence.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese OEDOランド
Oedo rando
"Great Edo" Land

Earth Vellumental Temple

Fortune Telling

To do: Find the official English name.

Near the Earth Vellumental Temple, there is a green, fortune teller Toad. If Mario pay 100 coins to him, a paper fortune-style text appears, which results in various conditions to occur:

  • Spawn 10 Coins on the ground.
  • Spawns a random item.
  • Heals Mario slightly.
  • A Big Thwomp suddenly crushes Mario, reducing his HP.
  • Mario drop random items.
  • Mario randomly lose his coins.
  • Toad give Mario confettis.
  • Heals Mario greatly.
  • Randomly reduces Mario's HP by one.
  • Spawn 100 Coins on the ground.
  • On some occasions, absolutely nothing happens.