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HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to my user page. Leave some dang comments on my talk page or leave some other dang comments on the shroom. Dddddddd ddddddddd DI ddddddddddddddd DI dddddddddddddd DI ddddddddddddd must must DI!Oh, and get Super Mario Galaxy 2 or SUFFER AT THE HANDS OF Link,The King Of Koradai, Ganon,and Zelda! BYE! ( Zelda makes you suffer the most.)

My living

Well, I usually always play Mario Galaxy and Mario Galaxy 2 , and I got to try a 3DS since my 2nd cousin works at Nintendo of Toronto.


Doh! I think if you are 20, go online to youtube and look up Bowser 's Kingdom. It's very funny.

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Bowser's Kingdom Episode 1