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Fire Mountain

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This article is about Fire Mountain in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. For Fire Mountain in Diddy Kong Racing, see here.
Fire Mountain
Appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Levels 8
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Fire Mountain is the third world Mario goes through in the game Mario vs. Donkey Kong, preceded by Donkey Kong Jungle and followed by Spooky House. As its name suggests, the Fire Mountain is a volcanic world filled with lava that would instantly knock Mario out upon contact. During the boss fight, Mario must pick up the barrels thrown by Donkey Kong and throw them back at the ape a total of four times in order to beat the level.




The opening demonstration involves Mario stepping on to a red moving platform that eventually gets pushed higher up into the air by the lava below, allowing Mario to reach higher ground. This level introduces the aforementioned platforms and the threat of instant death through lava.

The first section of Level 3-1.

The first half of this level, unlike most, features a symmetrical landscape with rectangular block chunks in the bottom corners of the level separated by lava that has two red platforms on it that move between the chunks of land. There are also two fairly large square-shaped blocks towards the middle of the level, with the exit on the eastern block. The key is on the far-western block chunk, opposite of where Mario's starting point is, requiring him to use the red platforms to make it across the lava and duck under the blocks by ducking as the red platforms approaches them. Once across, Mario must use the lava that pushes the red platforms into the air to get the key on to the nearby block, and once more for Mario to get the key across to the exit.

File:MVDK 3-1 Part 2.png
The second section of Level 3-1.


  • Red Present - Located in mid-air between the two 3x3 block bunches, the red present is obtained through jumping off the rising platforms at their peak.
  • Yellow Present - N/A
  • Blue Present - N/A