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Name: Not telling!
Age: If you give me something, I'll tell you...
Gender: Male
Favorite Mario Game(s): Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Paper Mario Sticker Star
Favorite Mario Characters: Mario, Yoshi, Rosalina, Birdo
Least Favorite Character: Wario
Least Favorite Game: Mario Kart DS (HORRIBLE graphics)
Birthday: 5/22
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My Userpage

Hey there! Obviously, I'm IceYoshi. I currently own a Wii and a Cosmos Black Nintendo 3DS. I also have had a Blue, Silver, and a Red Nintendo DS, all of which broke.

Who's online: Drone 16Bit, CBFan5, Yoshi the SSM, Doc von Schmeltwick, Luiginerd, TheRaoul1992, SuperWarioMan, MarioGamerFan24, Iceblock715, Hope(N Forever), Shroom Guy, Yaronos, Keyblade Master, LinkTheLefty, Power Flotzo, Soulsborne, ZelenPixel, Lemon Meringue, Scrooge200, Cheat-master30

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

This is my most favorite game of all time!! I know alot about the game, every enemy, every badge, every Star Piece location is perfectly edged into my brain. I've also managed to defeat Macho Grubba without taking damage. The secret? I'm not telling! Also note to self: NEVER eat Trial Stew!!! It is an evil item and I don't know why it is in the game.


We all know Yoshi is awesome, but Rosalina is a bit more awesome in my opinion. Why? She is a real hottie. ;) Also when Isaw her original design, I was like "She looks like a witch!"


If you want to be my friend ask me on my talk page. Here is my userbox.

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