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“I am matter... I am antimatter... I can see your past... I can see your future... I consume time... And I will consume you!”
Culex, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

File:Culex.gif Greetings.

I am Culex, Dark Knight of Vanda.

I am a supporter of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA).

Niwa にわ 庭.

Perhaps in another time, another game, we may have been mortal enemies... Let us part as comrades in arms.

Farewell, champion knight!

MarioWiki: NIWA

NIWA logo with the japanese characters for garden in the background (にわ)
NIWA's logo, with the Japanese characters にわ (niwa) in the background.

The Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, or NIWA for short, is a network of independent wikis striving to chronicle the many diverse video game universes created by Nintendo.


Before the idea of a Nintendo wiki network was fully formulated, Template:ZW approached Template:BP to begin a possible affiliation. After some deliberation, it was eventually decided that an entire network of independent Nintendo-based wikis could be created, and the Super Mario Wiki was asked to become a founding member. Soon thereafter, Zelda Wiki administrators Axiomist and Mandy contacted Porplemontage, the founder of Super Mario Wiki, about an alliance with the Zelda Wiki, which he initally refused.

Some time later, Bulbapedia's headmaster, Archaic, made this post in the Mario Wiki forums, which lead to a formal discussion about the then-called INW, or Independent Nintendo Wikis. Progress was made, and after a few days, Porplemontage agreed to the alliance and the Super Mario Wiki became the third founding member of NIWA.

Startup wikis WiKirby and Metroid Wiki were later created to become members of NIWA, which will occur after their userbases develop.


There were many proposals for the name of this new organization, but the one that was eventually chosen was the "Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance" or "NIWA." In Japanese, niwa (にわ) means "garden," symbolizing the natural growth of our fan communities. The acronym is especially fitting given Nintendo's own origins in Japan.


These are the main users in charge of the project:

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