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Welcome, Booman/Welcome to the Super Mario Wiki!

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Welcome to the Super Mario Wiki,a Wiki based on Mario! Thank you for joining us,we're glad to have you as a member.If you have important questions,feel free to ask any user and/or a Sysop.

The following lists will help you edit pages,talk to other users,and much more.If this is your first time visiting,I highly recommend you read our Introduction.

How do I do that?

Specific Help

  • Article – Help creating, expanding, improving an article
  • Chat – Information on using the MarioWiki Chatroom
  • Color codes – Help translating colors to hexadecimal
  • Communication – How to handle and use talk pages
  • CSS – Help creating an unique monobook.css file for each user
  • Format – Help formatting text
  • Gallery – Help creating a picture gallery
  • Glossary – Help understanding terms used on the wiki
  • Icon – Help adding an icon
  • Image – Help putting an image on a page
  • License – Help selecting the license for uploaded media
  • Link – Help creating a link
  • List – Help creating a list
  • Media – Image, audio, and video information
  • Signature – Help creating a signature
  • Table – Help creating a table
  • Template – Help creating and using a template
  • User preferences – Help with your preferences
  • Userbox – Help creating a userbox
  • Vandalism – Help stopping a vandal
  • YouTube – Help embedding YouTube videos for your userpage only


You should also look at the following for more help:

External Resources

Things you can do

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