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This is about the User "Goombob". For information about the Goomba from Mario Party Advance see Goombob

I love mario games so much so I joined this Wiki and so far I LOVE IT!!!! It is so awesome! Thanks to whoever made it! —Goombob, Super Mario Wiki GOOM.png

My SSBB Friend code is 4041-7947-9755. My name on it is GoOMB
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Gender:Male Real Name:Timothy Age: 12 Favorite Character: Goomba Least Favorite Character: Wario Favorite Mario Series:Paper Mario Least Favorite Series: Mario teach's typing Location:Bowser's castle Favorite Mario Game:Super Mario Galaxy Worse Mario Game:Mario Teach's typing 1 and 2

Pages I made:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Intermediate / Advanced Piano Solos

Mario games I own

N64-Diddy Kong Racing Wii-Super Mario Galaxy Wii-Mario Strikers Charged Wii-Mario Kart Wii

Wii-Mario Super Sluggers Gamecube-Super Mario Sunshine Gamecube-Mario Party 4 Gamecube-Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Ok I am going to finish the rest later so be on the lookout Goombob (talk) 06:47, 26 May 2013 (EDT)goombob

My to do list=

1.Clean up my userpage 2.Apply for the shroom (Joke section) 3.Be awesome

My Background

I was a baby goomba first appearing in my Father's main game "The Legend of Goompop". Just as a baby. I late appeared in a game of my own called "Goombob's big adventure". I then appeared in "Paper Goombob" along with N64Dude. I also appeared as a secret character in SSBB. And set to return in SSB4.

AGoombaAndaPikmin's Userbox Tower
Artwork of Yoshi from Itadaki Street DS
File:Paper Mario TTYD Poster.PNG
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sprite of the Super Appeal badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Lizard Geek SPM.png
Artwork of a Mushroom from New Super Mario Bros., also reused for the Mushroom in Mario Kart Wii

Bb User:UBX/Guppy owner

Lucky Seven from Mario Kart 7.
Bob-omb PMSS.png

Gallery of me!

I look awesome!
Grand Goomba and Goomba, appearing in Super Mario Galaxy.
Me and My father goomba!
Artwork of a Goomba from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
This is me paper form!
A Goomba prepares to bat, in Mario Super Sluggers.
I play baseball!


He appears in SSBB as a MEGA secret character. (To be continued)


Hey everyone I am active on mariowiki and I having fun here! I am accepting friend requests and the moment to. :)