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'User:296lmn20 is a fan of Mario games ever since his father got a Wii system. His real name is Logan Miguel Neice. Logan goes to Vintage Stock sometimes to buy new plushes for his collection. He also likes to eat, similar to Pac-Man. He is also one to draw, using Nintendo characters as subjects. They mainly expanse over his dreams, which includes the Super Clover, a power up that enhances the user's regular abilities, having an Invincibility Leaf in item storage, others about aspects of his life, including allies from Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition. The main characters are a Pikachu named Electro, who wears a cap similar to Wario's, and a red neckerchief, Yoshi, with an altered personality, Toad as in Super Mario 3D World, and himself. Sometimes, Logan draws himself wielding a pistol that holds Star Bits as ammunition, similar to the feature in Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel. Plush toys from his collection include the Mario Bros, four of the Koopalings as of 2/24/16, even Bomb Bro, an enemy that lacks appearances in the video games. His first Mario game was New Super Mario Bros Wii, the one he and his father played together. Ever since, Logan became one with the franchise. One accomplishment of his in relation to this was completing Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam in seventeen days, with stops to take pictures of parts of the game, and still does so with shiny paper enemies. Thanks to Amazon, Logan is expanding his plush collection slowly, having recent additions including Nabbit and Dry Bowser with many more on the wishlist. With Super Mario Maker, Logan's creativity is put to the test when creating new courses, especially when replacing them. However from his first game, Logan developed a fear of Cheep Chomps, seeing they would eat Mario whole upon sight, the final battle with Bowser Jr, who he eventually came to like, and matching Bowser panels in the Toad House mimigame, Power-Up Panels, which quickly went away. Logan's father confuses Cheep Chomps with Porcupuffers, due to both appearing in World 9-2 of New Super Mario Bros Wii, with the former in a bonus area. His mother also confuses Bowser Jr with Baby Bowser, sometimes to annoy Logan. In both the games and reality, Logan is a collector, having a minimum of one item in his copy of each game. He named his dog Yoshi, who is a cross between a Yorkie and a Silky terrier. In his drawings, Chain Chomp and Yoshi get along well, and Logan has a friendship with the Mario Bros themselves, especially with Rosalina. Logan also changes small things about his allies, such as giving his Piranha Plants special pots, making the middle of his 3-Goomba Tower wear glasses, Big Bone Piranha Plant is a girl, and the Koopa Troopas resemble their Super Paper Mario appearance. He is also a Portal Master, having played Skylanders Trap Team, even getting cut by Legendary Bushwhack trying to catch him. In the iMovie application for Apple devices, Logan creates personal projects with his plush toys involved. The more recent outcomes were explaining Battle Cards and how to make Character Cards, even what happens when a set was completed entirely. Logan also made up his own Bros. Attacks called Baps Attacks, using the term from the Nickelodeon cartoon Breadwinners. They include 3D Logan Shell, Shopping Cart Dash, Ice Flower, Mitzi Breath, Nyan Cat, Pug Rocket Blast, Plush Jealousy, and Charge Battle. The new Trio Attacks include Trio Groove, Trio Poké Ball, Trio Plushy Bros, Trio Drawing, and Trio GlitterStorm. One attack from each category refers to his plush collection, as well as being in correlation with each other. In conclusion, Logan has come to be a great fan of Mario.

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