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Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner

by Coincollector (talk)

Hello everybody! Welcome to Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner, a new section of the ’Shroom where we talk about tips, hints, info and any questions involving one of the most popular spin‐offs of the Mario series. I, Coincollector, will be your host.

Why not start with some tips today? Well, today we’ll talk about one of the most used staples that you may have seen in any Mario Kart game to date. Got it? It’s none other than the Banana!

Yeah, these vitamin‐rich yellow fruits are a good way to cause wrecks, but how do you use them? Mainly, you let this fruit drop behind your kart. Then the item just stays still on the track until some victim runs over it and spins out of control. Not bad, but any smart driver (even a CPU) manages to avoid these fruits in the road, so you’ll need to find a more effective use for this item. One well known use for the Banana is to block incoming hazards like Red Shells. You can drop the Banana just when the shells are about to hit you, or drag the banana behind your kart to keep your back safe. Another use of the Banana is to place it in a strategic spot on the track where your opponents wouldn’t expect to find it. For example, try dropping Bananas in the corners, before a big jump over a gap, or on the boost pads that racers tend to use. You can also throw a Banana forwards and hope for an opponent to slip on it. You need very good aim to do that, though.

Also, there are other types of bananas that you may get. Each appears in at least one game, but all share the same basic function.

  • Banana Bunch: Instead of receiving a single banana, why not five? A set of five bananas allows you to litter the track with a barrier of slippery yellow fruits. It can be used to block the path of the pack following close behind you.
  • Giant Banana: Even if this guy’s face doesn’t scare you, you’ll be scared when you learn that this giant banana can make you spin out of control for a bit longer than normal and splits into three normal‐sized bananas after being touched.
  • Triple Bananas: This is similar to the Banana Bunch, but you have only three bananas hanging behind your kart.

With these guys, we end the first issue of Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner. Thanks for reading our section, and remember, never underestimate the power of Bananas!

If you have any questions, PM me. Thanks and have a nice day :D