The 'Shroom:Issue XXXIII/Director Election/Debate I

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This is the basic summary of what happened on the director's debate Wednesday December 16th at 8:00 PM (EST).

01:07:12 <Tucayo>: Hello, welcome

01:07:19 <Tucayo>: You cant talk, soryy

01:07:45 <Tucayo>: Gameserv will spin

01:08:02 <Tucayo>: And in the user he choices will ask a Q

01:08:13 <Tucayo>: That user says who does he want to ask to

01:08:18 <ralphfan>: OK

01:08:19 <Tucayo>: You can pass if you dont want to ask

01:08:34 <Tucayo>: `spin

01:08:34 * GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...

01:08:34 <GameServ>: St00b|Shroom!

01:08:37 <Tucayo>: :)

01:08:40 <Tucayo>: Stooby

01:08:49 <Tucayo>: Ask a question to other candidate

01:08:53 <St00b|Shroom>: OK.

01:09:08 <St00b|Shroom>: SMB

01:10:06 <St00b|Shroom>: What exactly to you plan to award writers with, and what do they have to do to be awarded?

01:10:29 <St00b|Shroom>: I know you mentioned promotions on chat, but I was hoping for something more specific. :)

01:11:07 <SMB{ShroomDebate}>: Well

01:11:25 <SMB>: I want to have ceremonies in the forum.

01:11:30 <SMB>: That is one example.

01:11:46 <St00b|Shroom>: What kind of ceremonies?

01:11:55 <St00b|Shroom>: Sounds interesting.

01:12:19 <SMB>: Some of the ceremonies would be for a special issue. Another would be held just to celebrate our writers.

01:12:42 <SMB>: Giving awards to them, honorary mentions, etc. (almost like the Mario Awards)

01:12:53 <St00b|Shroom>: Cool.

01:12:58 <Tucayo>: Ok, enough question time

01:13:02 <Tucayo>: Next user

01:13:06 <Tucayo>: `spin

01:13:06 * GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...

01:13:06 <GameServ>: Tucayo!

01:13:11 <Tucayo>: Good :)

01:13:18 <Tucayo>: Can I ask both candidates?

01:13:24 <SMB>: Yes.

01:13:32 <Tucayo>: Sure, to both

01:13:44 <Tucayo>: I know activity isnt one of your strong points

01:14:02 <Tucayo>: SMB, I recall you saying that your activity was going to decrease

01:14:07 <Tucayo>: And Stooby

01:14:27 <Tucayo>: You tend to go incative for some periods of time, your activity isnt the same of that of a eyar ago

01:14:37 <Tucayo>: Doyou think you will have the time to direct the Shroom?

01:15:02 <St00b|Shroom>: Well, now that I'm retired from Userpedia andit's forums, I'll have more time to dedicate to The 'Shroom.

01:15:39 <SMB>: As for me,

01:15:44 <Tucayo>: Still, your activity in the wiki isnt the same as it used to be. Youa re not seen there very often, am i right?

01:15:52 <Tucayo>: Wait a sec, pelase SMB :)

01:15:56 <SMB>: Okay. :P

01:16:57 <St00b|Shroom>: Tucayo: I'm still on every day.

01:17:11 <St00b|Shroom>: I'm just having a bit of an editor's block, so my editing has gone downhill.

01:17:23 <St00b|Shroom>: But I still am on for about 8 hours a day. :)

01:17:30 <Tucayo>: Wow, impressive

01:17:32 <Tucayo>: SMB?

01:17:34 <St00b|Shroom>: And when I go back to college, I should be able to keep it around 4 hours.

01:17:52 <Tucayo>: Ok, thats good

01:17:52 <SMB>: Well, with my situation, it was basically the same.

01:18:01 <SMB>: UP was taking up a lot of my time.

01:18:42 <SMB>: Now that I don't have to make any obligations to UP (save for The Disconnected, which I will set the release dates as not to interfere with each other), I can devote my time to The 'Shroom.

01:19:11 <SMB>: Although I don't edit every day

01:20:04 <Tucayo>: Hmmm Directing 2 papers, though

01:20:15 <SMB>: Although I don't edit every day, I still check during my lunch break at school, when I get home. I also check the forum during and after school, and frequent the chatroom every day.

01:20:42 <Tucayo>: Ok

01:20:47 <Tucayo>: Next question

01:21:17 <Tucayo>: `spin

01:21:17 * GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...

01:21:17 <GameServ>: MG1!

01:21:22 <MG1>: Yay :D

01:21:23 <Tucayo>: MG1!

01:21:48 <MG1>: St00b already asked the question I had in mind first so...

01:22:10 <MG1>: What would you do if writers submitted their sections late?

01:22:26 <SMB>: Which candidate are you asking? And who answers first?

01:22:37 <MG1>: Hm...all three :D

01:22:43 <Tucayo>: Ok, who first?

01:22:47 <MG1>: Tucky - St00b - SMB

01:22:52 <SMB>: Okay.

01:22:52 <Tucayo>: KK

01:23:05 <Tucayo>: Well, I already have experience as Shroom director

01:23:11 <Tucayo>: So, for next year

01:23:49 <Tucayo>: So if they send them late, I will talk to them

01:24:04 <Tucayo>: Sometimes, users just disappear from the wiki

01:24:12 <Tucayo>: Those are getting fired inmediatly

01:24:28 <Tucayo>: If its their first time and they told me in advance, I will give them a chance

01:24:57 <Tucayo>: If its the second time they miss it they will be fired, unless they have a really food reason

01:25:20 <Tucayo>: *good XD

01:25:27 <Tucayo>: Is it clear?

01:25:40 <MG1>: Yes

01:25:58 <Tucayo>: Stooby?

01:26:53 <St00b|Shroom>: Like Tucayo said, if someone gives me notice that they're section is going to be late, then I'll cut them a little slack.

01:27:03 <St00b|Shroom>: But, this isn't something I'll tolerate for months on end.

01:27:35 <St00b|Shroom>: If someone just blatantly forgets to send in their section, then I'll fire them.

01:27:37 <St00b|Shroom>: End of story.

01:27:58 <Tucayo>: Ok

01:27:58 <St00b|Shroom>: I know it sounds harsh, but the best way to keep The 'Shroom looking good is to have good writers that send in their sections on time.

01:27:59 <Tucayo>: SMB

01:28:07 <SMB>: Okay.

01:29:27 <SMB>: My policy is kind of on par with St00b's and Tucayo's. I will allow a writer to miss a whole issue non-excused once and only once. Maybe they just forgot, they are only human, and I cannot expect people to be perfect. I will allow two excused times, and will allow them to submit it late two times with or without an excuse.

01:30:02 <SMB>: Any more than what that says above, and they will be fired.

01:30:08 <MG1>: OK

01:30:20 <MG1>: Let's spin ze bottle!

01:30:23 <Tucayo>: Ok

01:30:29 <Tucayo>: `spin

01:30:29 * GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...

01:30:29 <GameServ>: tac0bell89!

01:30:52 <Tucayo>: ask your question to any candidate you awnt

01:30:54 <MG1>: tac0bell89: Ask a question to one of our contestants

01:30:59 <tac0bell89>: OK

01:31:29 <tac0bell89>: If made director, what exactly would you do to keep the 'Shroom maintained and all articles in on time?

01:31:42 <tac0bell89>: to all

01:31:45 <SMB>: Who should answer first?

01:31:52 <tac0bell89>: I say SMB

01:31:58 <tac0bell89>: Because you aske

01:32:02 <tac0bell89>: asked*

01:32:06 <SMB>: :) Thanks.

01:32:09 <SMB>: Let me see...

01:33:49 <SMB>: As I said above, I would do my best to keep users turning in their sections on time. I expect it to be understandable and able to read. I will have back-up sections written in the case that one of the users does not turn it in. I would like to have full, quality issues to be released.

01:33:52 <SMB>: That said,

01:34:49 <SMB>: I will make sure that I have at least two Editors-In-Chief to make sure that all grammar, wiki coding, and other technical aspects of The 'Shroom such as these all up to date and correct.

01:35:14 <tac0bell89>: awesome

01:35:23 <ralphfan>: Permission to ask a follow-up question to SMB?

01:35:28 <tac0bell89>: go for it

01:35:31 <Tucayo>: Who next?

01:35:41 <MG1>: ralphfan: Wait your turn

01:35:46 <tac0bell89>: After his question, Tucayo, again because you asked

01:36:00 <ralphfan>: OK

01:36:08 <Tucayo>: Well

01:36:17 <Tucayo>: I would send the shroomwarnings 10 days before, as I now do, and ask the writers to send me their sections 2 days before the issue. Also, we have our EIC to check and correct al possible flaws in a section.

01:36:26 <tac0bell89>: wait your turn I suppose

01:36:57 <tac0bell89>: very nice

01:37:00 <Tucayo>: Thats it basically :)

01:37:08 <Tucayo>: OH!

01:37:13 <MG1>: Um...St00b's turn

01:37:20 <Tucayo>: And I will remind them 5 days before if they havent sent them yet

01:37:21 <tac0bell89>: yes it is

01:37:28 <tac0bell89>: ok nice

01:37:39 <Tucayo>: St00b|shroom: you are up

01:37:55 <MG1>: He's probably writing his answer

01:38:17 <Tucayo>: Ok, lets wait for him

01:38:22 <St00b|Shroom>: Well, I plan to send out reminders 10 days in advance, so users have a leg up...

01:38:53 <St00b|Shroom>: I also plan to encourage users to send in their sections on time, and remind them that doing so will result in getting awarded. :)

01:39:12 <St00b|Shroom>: If members have something to look forward to, they may be more apt to send in their sections on time.

01:39:12 <tac0bell89>: Awarded with what. though?

01:39:29 <tac0bell89>: true

01:39:44 <St00b|Shroom>: Badges to put on their userpage, an honorary mention in the Director's Notes.

01:39:46 <St00b|Shroom>: Things like that.

01:39:56 <tac0bell89>: Ok, gotcha

01:40:06 <Tucayo>: Done Tacobell?

01:40:15 <tac0bell89>: Yep

01:40:22 <Tucayo>: Thanks :)

01:40:23 <SMB>: Okay then.

01:40:26 <Tucayo>: `spin voice

01:40:26 * GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...

01:40:26 <GameServ>: MG1!

01:40:30 <MG1>: YES!

01:40:30 <Tucayo>: didnt work

01:40:33 <Tucayo>: Ok mg1

01:40:41 <Tucayo>: Ask anyone you want

01:40:54 <MG1>: OK, why are you (all) running for director; what's your motivation?

01:41:07 <Tucayo>: Who first, pelase?

01:41:12 <MG1>: Alphabetical

01:41:21 <St00b|Shroom>: OK.

01:41:26 <SMB>: Tucky, SMB, and St00b

01:41:30 <SMB>: Er wait'

01:41:32 <MG1>: ???

01:41:32 <SMB>: Whoops

01:41:32 <Tucayo>: That makes, uuuuuu

01:41:36 <Tucayo>: A

01:41:38 <SMB>: St00b, SMB, Tucky :P

01:41:39 <Tucayo>: me last

01:41:42 <Tucayo>: no

01:41:45 <SMB>: Er wait

01:41:47 <Tucayo>: you first XD

01:41:49 <SMB>: Darn it.

01:41:51 <MG1>: SMB, St00b, Tucky

01:41:54 <Tucayo>: yes XD

01:41:55 <ralphfan>: Yup

01:41:58 <SMB>: :blush:

01:42:02 <SMB>: Anyway :P

01:42:14 <St00b|Shroom>: I noticed that under Blitz's rule, the 'Shroom took a major downfall. Tucayo did a lot to make it better, but I want to make it even better than that.

01:42:28 <St00b|Shroom>: I want The 'Shroom to reflect the best it can upon the wiki, so it's considered one of the best community projects on the site.

01:42:46 <St00b|Shroom>: I guess it's a matter of wanting The 'Shroom to be respected again.

01:43:46 <MG1>: OK, St00b: Done?

01:43:49 <St00b|Shroom>: Yep.

01:43:53 <MG1>: SMB

01:43:57 <SMB>: Okay.

01:45:50 <SMB>: My motivation for running for Director is... Well, what other than to improve the quality? As St00b said above, The 'Shroom used to have a respect given to it from users that it doesn't receive today. Check this (you don't have to go through every revision, I have already done so):

01:45:56 <SMB>:

01:46:26 <SMB>: I went through almost all of the revisions, and almost every edit made to that page had to do with The 'Shroom.

01:46:36 <Tucayo>: My turn?

01:46:41 <SMB>: Not done.

01:46:51 <SMB>: It was given appropriate attention that it deserves.

01:47:27 <SMB>: As we start losing users who were back when it was created, it lost its magic.

01:48:49 <SMB>: Many look at it now as something to take for granted. It was one of the most successful projects of its time, and now we don't even have the respect!

01:49:47 <SMB>: Something needs to be done, and I will do everything in my power and term as director to bring The 'Shroom rise up, come back to, and go above and beyond the quality and presence it had in the community.

01:50:09 <SMB>: And now we may move on to Tucky ;)

01:50:13 <MG1>: OK, last but not least, Tucayo!

01:50:22 <Tucayo>: Thanks :)

01:50:23 <MG1>: Just hit enter :P

01:50:23 <Tucayo>: Wel, my motivation is that I love The 'Shroom, I always try to make it something interesting for our users, and to make it something so users can relax of the daily stress. I joined the wiki because of The 'Shroom, I stayed in The wiki because of it, and if I win, that will make me stay another year

01:50:27 <Tucayo>: :)

01:50:33 <Tucayo>: ALSO

01:50:36 <MG1>: I knew you had it ready that whole time

01:50:43 <SMB>: :P

01:50:57 <Tucayo>: This year I made a Special Election, which I think managed to attract the attention of many users

01:51:09 <Tucayo>: This year, if I am elected, I will do the same, but better

01:51:10 <Tucayo>: ALSO

01:51:44 <Tucayo>: As a sysop, I wil try to get The 'Shroom to have a mroe important place in the wiki, like announcing it more, and making it something primary in the wiki

01:51:47 <Tucayo>: Thanks :)

01:51:56 <SMB>: Might I interject?

01:52:03 <Tucayo>: Sure SMB

01:52:14 <Tucayo>: Thats what debates are for :)

01:53:42 <SMB>: No offense to any point you made, but I think that having Sysop on the wiki that you run the 'Shroom on does not give you more potential than a Patroller or regular user (I don't mean to offend or oppose your Sysophood, I'm actually glad you got promoted ;) ), but I feel that as a non-Sysop, I could still do my best to give it more attention.

01:54:29 <Tucayo>: I know, but as a regular user and a patroller I experienced its difficult to advertise properly when you need a sysop help to edit many pages

01:54:38 <Tucayo>: *difficulty

01:54:52 <Tucayo>: You had to ask for another sysop, which made things slow

01:55:39 <SMB>: Then I will get a Sysop sub-director, or advertise in the forum and chatroom, as well as on Template:PipePlaza.

01:56:05 <Tucayo>: Ok, that will be easy

01:56:18 <Tucayo>: considering the other 2 candiadtes are sysops

01:56:45 <SMB>: <@Tucayo> considering the other 2 candiadtes are sysops

01:56:50 <SMB>: Expand on this please.

01:57:13 <Tucayo>: Ok, if you need a sysop sub-director you can easily get one

01:57:37 <Tucayo>: Ok, im done

01:57:46 <MG1>: So, same order, you guys are running for SD /only/ (tell the truth) because you want to see the shroom improve?

01:57:57 <St00b|Shroom>: Yes.

01:58:01 <Tucayo>: Yes

01:58:02 <SMB>: Yes.

01:58:06 <MG1>: Mhm

01:58:06 <Tucayo>: Next Q

01:58:13 <MG1>: SPIN ZE BOTTLE

01:58:23 <Tucayo>: `spin

01:58:23 * GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...

01:58:23 <GameServ>: St00b|Shroom!

01:58:28 <Tucayo>: Stooby boy!

01:58:54 <St00b|Shroom>: OK, let me think.

01:58:58 <Tucayo>: KK

01:59:56 <St00b|Shroom>: The 'Shroom is the official paper of the /Mario/Wiki. Do you think it should be more Mario- related, and if so, what would you do to make it that way?

02:00:03 <MG1>: Who asking?

02:00:24 <St00b|Shroom>: Tucayo, then SMB.

02:00:42 <Tucayo>: Ok

02:00:46 <Tucayo>: As you know

02:01:30 <Tucayo>: I always opposed the "become more wiki focused" thing

02:01:40 <Tucayo>: I know perhaps people wont like me for this

02:01:43 <Tucayo>: But

02:01:49 <MG1>: Ohno

02:02:03 <Tucayo>: The 'Shroom is fine they way it is now (not as fine as I could wish)

02:02:17 <Tucayo>: I would try to find the perfect balance between everything

02:02:28 <Tucayo>: based on the community's opinion

02:02:32 <Tucayo>: Done

02:02:36 <SMB>: Okay.

02:02:41 <MG1>: SMB?

02:04:13 <MG1>: Long answer...

02:04:26 <Tucayo>: Lets wait, he is here

02:04:59 <SMB>: In my honest opinion, I feel The 'Shroom should have a lot more Mario-related content as well as Wiki-related content. We are the /Mario/Wiki newspaper and the Mario/Wiki/ newspaper. If they want to add things about users, they can go to Userpedia (save for the interviews, as this is more community oriented). It will keep The 'Shroom managable and more on-topic, which is an important issue that needs to be put in check.

02:04:59 <MG1>: Well, I'm not asking...

02:05:25 <Tucayo>: Done SMB?

02:05:28 <SMB>: Yes.

02:05:33 <St00b|Shroom>: Cool. Thank you both. :)

02:05:34 <Tucayo>: Ok St00by, you fine?

02:05:37 <Tucayo>: Ok :)

02:05:39 <Tucayo>: Next

02:07:27 <Tucayo>: `spin

02:07:27 * GameServ spins the bottle for Tucayo and it lands on...

02:07:27 <GameServ>: Edofenrir!

02:07:29 <Tucayo>: EDO

02:07:31 <MG1>: OK!

02:07:37 <Edofenrir>: Yay, I win :P

02:07:38 <SMB>: XD

02:07:38 <Tucayo>: ¬¬'

02:07:42 <MG1>: Lol

02:07:43 <Tucayo>: Hi Edo :D

02:08:15 <Edofenrir>: Ok, a question to all three (in order: Tucayo, Stooben, SMB)

02:08:21 <Tucayo>: Ok :)

02:08:40 <MG1>: (reverse-alphabetical)

02:08:44 <Edofenrir>: In the past I have seen some Shroom sections that were written in, well, not so good quality...

02:08:51 <Edofenrir>: My question is:

02:09:19 <Edofenrir>: What are your plans about maintaining a good and qualitative writing style?

02:09:26 <Tucayo>: Well

02:09:44 <Tucayo>: First, we hired an EIC (which is inactive and got many users angry, BTW)

02:09:54 <Tucayo>: No comments, pelase

02:10:14 <Tucayo>: next, we are currently interviewing any uesr who wants to sign up

02:10:29 <Tucayo>: Making sure they have the level to write for The 'Shroom

02:10:53 <Tucayo>: So I think this system is fine

02:11:05 <Tucayo>: Is it fine Edo?

02:11:09 <Edofenrir>: Ok.

02:11:18 <Tucayo>: :)

02:11:23 <Tucayo>: Stooby, please

02:11:25 <St00b|Shroom>: Tucayo, you stole my answer. :(

02:11:34 <MG1>: Just say Per Tucky

02:11:38 <St00b|Shroom>: That was pretty much everything I had to say.

02:11:51 <St00b|Shroom>: Fine then. "Per Tucky".

02:11:56 <MG1>: :D

02:12:04 <MG1>: SuperMB?

02:12:08 <SMB>: Well

02:12:17 <SMB>: I am split on the issue of interviewing.

02:12:36 <SMB>: And here is why: It might turn users off and can perhaps insult their intellegence.

02:12:54 <Edofenrir>: Could you elaborate this?

02:13:03 * Tucayo wants to ask something to SMB

02:13:15 <MG1>: Tucayo: Wait until he elaborates - then ask

02:13:24 <SMB>: I am ellaborating, just give me a bit of time to get my points across.

02:13:31 <Edofenrir>: ok

02:14:12 <ralphfan>: Enough

02:14:17 <Tucayo>: NO

02:14:24 <SMB>: While interviewing filters what users come in and out, they can easily be misinterperated. It can also filter out those who have potential, but possibly have other styles of writing or perhaps filter out those who don't speak English as a first language.

02:14:41 <SMB>: If I don't include interviews

02:15:41 <SMB>: Then I will have quality back-up sections prepared by me and/or my Core Staff to hand out. I will also try my best to work with users who don't exactly write quality sections (perhaps bad grammar or insufficient knowledge of coding).

02:16:04 <Edofenrir>: ok

02:16:08 <SMB>: And give them tips, pointers, and perhaps help fix up their sections.

02:16:21 <Edofenrir>: Tucayo's question?

02:16:21 <Tucayo>: Can I ask him sth?

02:16:25 <Tucayo>: Thanks

02:17:27 <Tucayo>: Well, actually, how can interviews be an insult to their inteligence? Also, for foreign users, I ahev checked their page to see they are english native speakers. Also, core staff cant back up ALL sections missed, they wont have time

02:17:48 <SMB>: Okay. I see your point.

02:18:25 <SMB>: Give me a second, please don't interupt me. :P

02:19:39 <SMB>: Interviews can easily insult their intellegence. I am not going to name anyone *ahem*MG1*ahem* (sorry to mention you, but you are a good example). He literally begged me not to be interviewd because it insulted his intellegence and motives as a user. We can easily tell by, for example, editing styles or whatnot to see if they are good.

02:19:40 <SMB>: ALSO

02:20:20 <SMB>: Why filter the bad writers out?

02:20:24 <SMB>: When:

02:20:34 <St00b|Shroom>: Let him finish.

02:20:36 <SMB>: This can be an experience that helps improve their writing skills?

02:20:45 <SMB>: To help their coding skills?

02:21:03 <SMB>: I know that when I joined the wiki, I didn't know anything about coding.

02:21:16 <SMB>: (this is back in 2008, not when I returned in 2009).

02:21:33 <SMB>: And even when I returned, my coding skills were not as good as they are now.

02:21:44 <SMB>: I attribute a lot of this to The 'Shroom itself.

02:22:14 <SMB>: I learned a lot from being on The 'Shroom, and filtering out those users who are not fit for the job (by our standards) can easily be a mistake.

02:22:57 <Tucayo>: I have a word for you, Sandbox

02:23:05 <SMB>: Yeah

02:23:10 <SMB>: But the sandbox is a page.

02:23:37 <Tucayo>: But users can learn coding there

02:23:41 <Tucayo>: Or in their page

02:23:44 <Tucayo>: I learned tehre

02:23:46 <SMB>: The 'Shroom is full of people that can actually help teach.

02:24:07 <SMB>: Besides, can the sandbox tell them how to improve?

02:24:20 <Tucayo>: We wont hire any user we find just because "its an oportunity to help their coding skills"

02:24:26 <Tucayo>: They should experiiment on their own

02:24:32 <SMB>: Can it jump out and say "Hey, use 'than' instead of 'then'"?

02:24:41 <St00b|Shroom>: Gonna have to agree with Tucayo here.

02:24:52 <SMB>: They CAN experiment on their own

02:24:54 <Tucayo>: Most of our writers do not even use coding in their sections

02:24:59 <Tucayo>: Stooby has seen it

02:25:01 <SMB>: But what did The 'Shroom do years ago?

02:25:01 <St00b|Shroom>: Papers in real life require you to have excellent grammar and writing skills.

02:25:19 <St00b|Shroom>: We're not asking for anything spectacular, but we do want something that looks good.

02:25:30 <SMB>: Did The 'Shroom require interviews, say, in 2007 or 2006?

02:25:39 <SMB>: And the sections were still quality.

02:25:49 <Tucayo>: The 3 sections there were

02:25:53 <ralphfan>: May I interject?

02:25:53 <St00b|Shroom>: No, but Wayo fired the bad writers back then.

02:26:02 <Tucayo>: I wasnt here, so i cant know

02:26:04 <Tucayo>: sure Ralph

02:26:07 <SMB>: I will fire those who have no improvement.

02:26:14 <ralphfan>: SMB: There are more users now.

02:26:17 <SMB>: Yes.

02:26:19 <Tucayo>: Over how many months???

02:26:20 <ralphfan>: The 'Shroom is more well-known.

02:26:25 <SMB>: Not really.

02:26:32 <SMB>: Disagree with ya there, dude.

02:26:34 <ralphfan>: There have been a lot of inexperienced users who have signed up.

02:26:48 <Edofenrir>: I think the question is: Do you want the Shroom to be a newspaper that entertains people, or an extended Sandbox that helps users to improve. To have both is hardly possible.

02:26:59 <SMB>: I don't want both.

02:27:06 <SMB>: Well, kind of.

02:27:07 <ralphfan>: Plus, interviews help filter out users who are so much of a simpleton they can't figure out how to use the forum

02:27:11 <Tucayo>: A newspaper of qualtiy

02:27:16 <SMB>: Okay

02:27:23 <SMB>: Let me say this:

02:27:28 <Tucayo>: Interviews were your idea SMB

02:27:42 <SMB>: I'm sure the director has the competence to fire/hire those who deserve.

02:27:57 <Tucayo>: after they did a bad work one issue

02:28:03 <St00b|Shroom>: And if we have a bunch of bad writers, the director will have to fire them all.

02:28:09 <SMB>: Which is why there would be back-ups!

02:28:22 <St00b|Shroom>: It saves time and effort to have a simple interview with users.

02:28:26 <Tucayo>: Yes

02:28:31 <Tucayo>: No need for back ups

02:28:34 <Tucayo>: Check

02:28:34 <St00b|Shroom>: Real jobs, and even real volunteer jobs haev interviews.

02:28:34 <SMB>: Actually

02:28:35 <Tucayo>:

02:28:40 <Tucayo>: most edits are for coding

02:28:46 <SMB>: Tucayo: Yet again, I disagree.

02:28:53 <SMB>: On the "No back-up" part.

02:29:12 <Tucayo>: Who will back up?

02:29:14 <SMB>: I said I am borderline on Interviews, BTw. I never said I was full-out against.

02:29:17 <SMB>: Also

02:29:32 <Tucayo>: We dont even have enough writers to fill in the sections, least we have people for back ups

02:29:33 <SMB>: The Core Staff, of course!

02:29:56 <Tucayo>: Ok, ok

02:30:02 <St00b|Shroom>: Isn't that asking a lot of the Core Staff?

02:30:08 <Tucayo>: we have 19 sections and 4 teams

02:30:09 <SMB>: No.

02:30:13 <St00b|Shroom>: We have a lot of work to do as it is.

02:30:15 <SMB>: It is not too much.

02:30:26 <Tucayo>: usually, 5 sections are late, other 3 not sent in, ad many of the team ones

02:30:35 <St00b|Shroom>: Dumping more work on the Core Staff because users haven't done their work would lead us down a bad path.

02:30:41 <Tucayo>: Will 5 people do QUALTITY back up sections of all that ones??

02:30:45 <SMB>: The team directors will back-up their own sections.

02:30:49 <Tucayo>: I wouldnt like that

02:30:52 <ralphfan>: I'd do as much as I could

02:31:03 <SMB>: I'd try to finish the rest.

02:31:07 <Tucayo>: OK

02:31:10 <Tucayo>: ENOOOOOOOOOOUGH

02:31:14 <Tucayo>: NEXT QUESTION

02:31:17 <ralphfan>: OK!

02:31:18 <ralphfan>: :D

02:31:20 <ralphfan>: My turn?

02:31:23 <Tucayo>: Ralph

02:31:27 <Tucayo>: Thanks Edo

02:31:27 <ralphfan>: OK.

02:31:28 <MG1>: ralphfan: Hit us

02:31:42 <Tucayo>: Quickly, please

02:31:46 <ralphfan>: I want to know a couple of things.

02:32:02 <ralphfan>: First, who else would you guys want to hire as a sub-director?

02:32:04 <ralphfan>: SMB?

02:32:18 <SMB>: Well, I would try to get someone qualified.

02:32:32 <ralphfan>: Like what sort of qualifications

02:32:49 <SMB>: Users who care for The 'Shroom.

02:32:53 <ralphfan>: I see.

02:32:57 <SMB>: Who are dedicated to improving it.

02:33:03 <SMB>: I want experience

02:33:16 <SMB>: Perhaps a current or former Core Staff member.

02:33:24 <MG1>: Lol

02:33:24 <ralphfan>: OK

02:33:27 <SMB>: Maybe a Wiki Admin. Or a user that I know I can trust.

02:33:44 <ralphfan>: St00b? Tucky? Anything to add on to that?

02:33:50 <Tucayo>: I

02:33:50 <SMB>: But I'm not going to do the "Second place default" thing.

02:33:54 <ralphfan>: OK

02:33:58 <Tucayo>: Well

02:33:58 <ralphfan>: Tucky: What

02:34:16 <Tucayo>: I know not many people will want the job, or they wont be responsible enough

02:34:25 <Tucayo>: I will see who is interested and qualified

02:34:29 <ralphfan>: OK

02:34:32 <ralphfan>: Sounds good

02:34:39 <Tucayo>: I worked good with this year's team

02:34:44 <Tucayo>: So thats an option

02:34:48 <Tucayo>: With some changes

02:34:56 <ralphfan>: All right then

02:35:02 <ralphfan>: St00b: Anything else?

02:35:25 <St00b|Shroom>: Pretty much what SMB said.

02:35:45 <Tucayo>: Was that all Ralph?

02:35:55 <ralphfan>: My other question: How often would you offer a feedback survey and what sort of questions would you include in it? For FN, I have specific multiple-choice questions about our writers, as well as open-ended ones.

02:35:56 <ralphfan>: Nope

02:36:09 <ralphfan>: This Survey question is the last one

02:36:10 <SMB>: Who first, Ralph?

02:36:22 <MG1>: Tucky

02:36:23 <ralphfan>: Tucky because he has to go soon

02:36:32 <Tucayo>: Thanks

02:36:50 <Tucayo>: Well, I would make it february and december

02:36:59 <Tucayo>: to see how the 'Shroom improved

02:37:05 <Tucayo>: I saw the FN's Q's

02:37:12 <Tucayo>: o be sicere

02:37:15 <Tucayo>: I didnt like it much

02:37:19 <Tucayo>: Sorry

02:37:24 <ralphfan>: OK

02:37:38 <Tucayo>: But questions like "Who is your least favorite writer" is not a very nice question.

02:37:47 <SMB>: Per that ^^^

02:37:50 <Tucayo>: I saw this year answers

02:37:51 <ralphfan>: I worded it differently, actually, but OK

02:38:00 <Tucayo>: Many users were tired of all the questions

02:38:06 <ralphfan>: I asked who needs the most improvement

02:38:10 <Tucayo>: so something straight aNd short is better

02:38:23 <ralphfan>: OK

02:38:25 <Tucayo>: Stooby? SMB?

02:38:28 <ralphfan>: St00b?

02:38:37 <St00b|Shroom>: I would try to do one every 4 months.

02:38:42 <SMB>: Darn.

02:39:03 <SMB>: Sorry for cutting in. xP

02:39:04 <St00b|Shroom>: It would make sure that the 'Shroom is always up to par with what the community would like,

02:39:58 <ralphfan>: SMB: Anything to add on to what they SAID?

02:40:00 <ralphfan>: *said

02:40:04 <SMB>: Yes.

02:40:26 <SMB>: Basically, I would make it every three months.

02:40:39 <SMB>: But

02:40:48 <SMB>: I would make them official surveys.

02:41:00 <SMB>: On the forum I would have opinion polling every month.

02:41:10 <ralphfan>: All right.

02:41:13 <ralphfan>: Sounds nice.

02:41:14 <SMB>: So that...

02:41:35 <SMB>: I can compare one month's results to the next, and then a milestone to compare it to. ;)

02:41:46 <ralphfan>: That sounds great!

02:41:56 <ralphfan>: Mind if I ask one more thing before we move on?

02:42:01 <SMB>: Definitely.

02:42:09 <SMB>: Really quick, though, St00b.

02:42:21 <SMB>: Since Tucky just left, you are lead op right now.

02:42:27 <SMB>: Go ahead Ralph.

02:42:31 <ralphfan>: St00b: If you had to vote for one of the other candidates, who would you vote for?

02:43:33 <St00b|Shroom>: Well, I already voted for Tucayo.

02:43:42 <St00b|Shroom>: So, I would vote for SMB if I had to vote for someone else.

02:43:52 <ralphfan>: OK

02:44:03 <ralphfan>: Well, I guess that question really didn't work

02:44:11 <SMB>: Lol

02:44:13 <SMB>: Anyway

02:44:23 <SMB>: Let's see if anyone else has questions?

02:44:29 <ralphfan>: I'm done for now

02:44:35 <SMB>: I will voice them in order.

02:44:39 <SMB>: Oh yeah.

02:44:47 <SMB>: Any additional questions?

02:44:58 <MG1>: OK, thank you for coming to our first directorial debate, we would like to express a sincere thank you to our candidates who worked so hard on their answers and to our audience for being patient through the debate.

02:45:00 <MG1>: We will now have a Questions and Answers period where anybody can ask any question to our candidates but, please, try to keep it civil.