The 'Shroom:Issue XXXII/Fun Stuff

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Fun Stuff

Mystery Images

Tucayo (talk)
Just guess who is the character shown in the image. denpuumod.jpg Bloomsdaymod.jpg Goggley-Blademod.jpg Kuchuka_DKC3mod.jpg Mechakoopamod.jpg


Hiding Koopa

Tucayo (talk)
Find the little hidden Koopa head!




Tucayo (talk)
Last month, Papero managed to get all the 3 answers again! Congratulations! The answers were: Star, Boo and Waluigi.
If you still don’t understand how Picross works, here you can find a how-to on Picross.
Now to this month Picross!
picross1copia.jpg picross2copia.jpg picrpss3-1.jpg
Remember, if you think you have it, just PM me your answers! Good luck!