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Entertainment Section

by Luigi 128 (talk)

Hello Welcome to the Normal Special Entretainment Section this time I'll write about day in the life of Mario


The title of the video says everything a day in the life of Mario is show as if he was on the real world it has many references to Super Mario Bros.(Wow a dejavu!) one of my favorite moments is when he is about to suffer a crime and jumps like if he died in a Super Mario Style also Luigi vriefly appears he and mario see they give a nice gesture eac other an luigi leaves also Peach is seen on the video mario tries to get her attention but fails.


I think the ones who portrayed Mario, Luigi and Peach did a great job his facial gestures make the video 40% more funny I really don't know who they are nor why they did the video but It doesn't matter the video is great


They used music and sounds from Super Mario Bros. this was good I think that if they used music from more recent games the video would be less funny and it will lost its sense


Story: 8/10 Actors: 9/10 Music: 9/10 All: 8/10

Well see ya