The 'Shroom:Issue XXVIII/Top 10

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Top 10

by Egg Yoshi (talk)

Hi! This is Egg Yoshi with the top ten. This month I will do, the Top Ten Mario TV. I better get started shows

  1. 10. Raiders of the lost Mushroom

A spoof of the Indiana Jones movie, "Raiders of the lost ark."

  1. 9.On her majesty's sewer servous

A spoof of the James Bond movies

  1. 8.Ghosts 'R us

Oogtar goes missing and Mario, Luigi, princess toadstool, and Yoshi go search for him in the enchanted forest

  1. 7. Send in the Clowns

The Koopa family starts circus to trick the cave people of Dome City to come to their death

  1. 6. Super Koopa

Kooky von Koopa invents a pendant to give King Koopa the same abilities as the mario Brothers

  1. 5.Rock TV

King Koopa gets the cave people to be addicted to teliviosn to trick them into attacking the mario bros.

  1. 4.Dadzilla

Kottie Pie and Big Mouth think their adopted and go to Hollywood to find their "real" dad

  1. 3.Crimes 'R us

The King Koopa breaks a prisiner out of jail to teach his kids about every illeagal thing he knows

  1. 2. Life's Ruff

Hip and Hop Koopa steal King Windbag, the King of Icelands wand, and turn him and Luigi into dogs.

  1. 1. Do the Koopa

The Mario Bros. Set out to Dark Land to steal the Doom Dancer Music Box, but King Koopa sends out Cheatsy, Bully, and Bigmouth to stop him.