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Good Game, Bad Game

by Clyde1998 (talk)

Hi, I'm Clyde1998, this is my first Good Game, Bad Game. I play a good game, that just gets rubbish! I think I should start my section in the Yoshi series. I found two 'similar' games in the same series and found the good one and the rubbish one. This is a very quick one! Any Other Series you can think off put it on my talk page!

Good Game: Yoshi Island DS

What a game, Where should I start?: 6 babies and 11 Yoshi's. It beats The First Island Game for many good reasons,

It wouldn't work though if it wasn't for 'the first one'. You start in a similar level to the first game's one, you follow everything until you fight Baby Bowser, after you beat him all the babies and Yoshi's defeat Grown-Up Bowser and he goes back to his time!

I would recommend this game, even if you don't have a DS. I would buy a DS just for this game, and other Yoshi Games!

Bad Game: Yoshi's Cookie

What a bad game. It doesn't tell you what to do, however I did play it on the Internet! I don't really know why any would want to play the game, I though that Mario & Yoshi was bad!

No-one would know what to do, I pressed every button, but nothing happened!

I deferentially would NOT recommend to anyone!