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Entertainment Section

by Luigi 128 (talk)

Hello to all the readers here is Luigi 138... I mean 128 about the idea of writing about every episode of Super Mario Bros Z I prefer to let readers decide If i should do it or not you can vote here anyways this month it will be about a clip of a Fake Game


Super Mario Galaxy DS

when I see the link I just go nuts because everyone want such game really exist and when I see the video I really belived that there would be this game but if you see whit more detail you'll see that the Mario, Luigi and Luma polygons in the begin of the video aren't the ones that you see in Super Mario Galaxy and the the last proof the date ofe the video says 09/12/07 if Nintendo was really working on a Super Mario Galaxy DS for now there would be million of images about it (I mean real ones because fakes are everywhere) anyways the video still is awesome the one who do this must be an extremely good hacker I bet it took many time


As I said the one who done this must be a good hacker because the fake graphics are in 3D and I think they are home-made but if note when Mario & Luigi enter on the DS the quality is low (this is of course because on the DS the graphics are low and the one who do it this is trying to make us believe that are DS graphics (nice detail))not only Mario & Luigi appear also Rosalina, Luma, and Dino Piranha


In the video is only heard a theme from the actual Mario Galaxy this one wasn't very hard that's all what I can say about the soundtrack


Story 8/10

Animation 10/10

Graphics 10/10

Soundtrack 6/10

All 10.0

well for now that's all folks 'till next month