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by RAP.pngRAP...

"Hello hello..." a voice was heard in the distance, it was draconic, a dark tone suggesting that it spotted someone it would expect. It appears to be a dragon-- having his arms nicely folded on the ground, he was laying quite nicely along with his wings remain resting. He has his eyes narrowed down towards the reader, halting the viewer. With a black scaly hide and orange exotic markings on his legs, chest, and face, and orange stripes from his neck to its muscular tail, he is all but serious due to its appearance.

"So. You crawl to us once again willingly. Welcome." The whole figure was revealed to be Ryzarlet himself. There was another dragon next to him, it was more paper-like, and brightly red. It has the same physical approach as the previous dragon but with more of the red beast's appearance, it was Hooktail, his partner. She's being herself, a admitted evil beast that has been friends with the other beast for such an extended time, or so it was said.

"Hiiiiiii, Hooktail here with that other beast Ryzarlet for another month of the Shroom! This is the entertainment section, originally hosted by RAP or Ryzarlet to my liking-- because of his dragon form that I'd like or maybe love! XP" She stopped for a moment and decides to spill the details about this section. "Entertainment Section, almost similar to the Fake News alright. Hmm, yeah, that's that. This section's for having a week of fun with having these entries of videos and games entirely created by Mario fans all around the international region of the world. Sooooooo, wanna be my prey? " Hooktail licked her lips, hungrily for a moment with a proudly evilgrin look by her teeth and facial looks; she's actually hungry after a while as her stomach starts to growl for some food.

"I will feed your body later my pet. Or maybe we can hunt together for some live prey." Giving her a simple suggestion, she understands with a low soft rawr and a nod. "OK sister, let's begin. And you, watch us do our own doing." That was his last sentence for this moment, the section quickly began with a good physical twitch.

Ryzarlet's Section
Mushroom Kingdom Fusion v0.2 Beta RC1

"I think I made a beta review of a game some time ago, or is it?" Ryzarlet tries to remember his best things of playing those fan games for a moment or two. "Oh, yes, Super Mario Galaxy 2D Demo in issue XII. This will be the second demo/beta tested game I ever reviewed. And after playing this game, it's all like an explosion of a mix of platforming and the SSB approach of different characters from the Nintendo series of course. Most of them of course. Oh by the way, the videos that Hooktail just posted in those other issues link to this review. Like it rawr." A relief was sighted by his breath, as he continued on the brief summary of the gameplay.

"Mushroom Kingdom Fusion composes of a major-crossover of 8 playable characters during the game-- in the beta it has Mario, Luigi, Sonic, and Tails available to play at this beta version. The word Fusion says it all. It covers all the stuff fused during a Nintendo sequence of having those very original worlds created to last for the gaming platforming series. There are over 8 worlds, better than SMB3 or NSMB of course-- due to its unique features during those levels. You can tell those levels inspired from those-- what am I saying? The answer is the “figures”. If you catch my drift well." The dragon remains as a secretive mind for himself with entirely preserving mysterious info only found by a very few in this world. He continues talking after that moment.

"This is not your ordinary Mario game that makes you rescue the Princess. This game plays in a Mario-based world filled with Nintendo related goodies that keeps pouring in for the greats, and pros, causal on some, hardcore on all of them remembering retro times. In an approach of a feel of SMB3 comes in new details, there are bosses inspired from other forms of video games. PC and console, you know what that means dear well-being. Be warned, this game is not for the faint-hearted-- as in the game, World 4, there are dark creatures you may have heard about-- very dark for up to teen. The deep stabbing horrors, I may feel alas." He was halted by Hooktail quickly by her physical communications towards Ryzarlet, and gives him a cup of water as he drank it fairly quickly. "Thirsty work. XP" Hooktail joked lightly as the other dragon continued.

"I wish I would tell you more about this, but this game's still in the development stage of adding more levels for a daring challenge. So technically playing the game may spoil yourselves from playing the final version and that it is released for beta testing purposes. No offense. The game is created by none other than JudgeSpear himself. I think it was started back in the early beginning of the year 2008, when he was just one for the coding and level designing. Oh yes, he was very cool quite well launching those videos in YouTube, cheers for that channel! Until then, other people wanted to be in the “Fusion Team”, and yet, it does very powerfully. Despite that, the creator wanted a freelance feel in himself, not taking responsible for what the game is created in for by other staff members, as he has mentioned to be a level designer and having skills in coding. This makes it a balanced freelance game for them to express." He gulped another whole cup of water with agile results for its throat and once again continued.

"Here's the Fusion Team details, for coding, it lists Obreck2 along with JudgeSpear. Level design lists JudgeSpear again, StarsimsUniverse, Jdogindy, Ben66 and Hello. Engine creator lists only Hello. Heh, from MFGG eh? Yep, I seem some of his games, average and maybe too hard for some of other players like me in fact. And finally, spriters that add in the graphics of characters, texture and objects and such enlists Tron Knotts, 'Gun6, coolpikaa, NO Body. I can't believe it, they all go for it. I like their style rawr. It's like they work on a wiki during their spare time. LOL maybe this one as well! They started to have a forum with them around, the YouTube channel by a few members, and even a wiki about it. If you want to download the goods, go click here. Oh, and it's 70MB so if you have dial-up, that's forever!" Ryzarlet is finally done and lays on his stomach, feeling a bit hungry as well as he groans a bit in pain.

"Hooktail, your up my female. We will devour our prey definitely after this." Ryzarlet announced, and lays back a little as the female does her doings.

Hooktail's Section
Super Mario Bros. Line Rider

"Hmph, it's another Mario video..." Hooktail growled at first, "But it's not a game footage video as well!" She proceeds to bring that video screen with her mouth for a moment. Finally she spits the screen onto the floor with a few minor bumps.

"So. This. This is more than just some tool-assisted run of the first level of Super Mario Bros. or something more stupid than... over five videos ago in a monthly basis. This is a definite sweet spot for such hardcore Line Rider fans that batches in a spice of the NES cartridge of SMB with that memorable level. I mean look, the video even has the original title with the texting “Mario” replaced as “Line Rider”. Is that name even a character or some fun gadget tool?!" Hooktail gets calmed down by the other dragon by being petted and rubbing on the stomach for a moment.

"Heh heh heh. Continue my female." calmly as Ryzarlet spoked to her. By then, the other beast continued to do what she is doing.

"As I was saying... Character or a tool? Or, is it both?" The beast suggested, and chuckled to herself. “But going on for the goods. Over four million hits for that video since February 10, 2007, that's over a year ago! All can I say is... RAWR! You better watch this! It's like an actual first level of the game, and how to get over those obstacles instead of using that plumber. See the video for details rawr.” After a short moment, she finally spoke again.

"This rad video was created by shadon1nja (literally pronounced shadow-ninja), and yes, another YouTube user and viewer of the world. So viewer, all I can say this is rawr. Enjoy." With a nice wink from her green eyes, she was finally done for the last.

"Ryan, let's go. I cannot wait for a good feast!" Hooktail was eager to devour those unsuspecting morsels, Ryzarlet had willingly agree. They flied out during the very night, gobbling up live prey for an unexpected trip to the stomach where their lives would end. Both of them hunger for this event, even a crat cannot wait for this to happen. Various noises were heard, most of them gulping them down, and grabbing them with its mouth, soon both of the dragons were finally full and return to their residing home where they rest in their lairs and digest their meat. Rawr.