The 'Shroom:Issue XV/Interview

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by Glitchmansig.PNG Glitchman (talk · contribs) Glitchmansig.PNG

Glitchman: How long have you been a member of the Wiki, and why did you join??

Paper Jorge: Well, I’ve been a member since August 2006. I joined because I’m really addicted to Mario…:P…I wanted to help out this Wiki. Back in the day, it was very…empty.

GM: What was your first edit?

PJ: …As embarassing as this sounds, Princess Peach was my first edit.

GM: Did you get a welcome, and if you did by who?

PJ: Not exactly a welcome, but Knife (Spike) gave me a compliment on my hard work.

GM: Why did you decide to name yourself Paper Jorge?

PJ: I was originally going to call myself just plain Jorge, because that’s my name. Back then, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was my favorite game, so I decided to mix Paper Mario and my name together to create my name.

GM: What is your favorite part of the ‘Shroom?

PJ: Probably the Fake News. It makes me laugh.

GM: Which smiley do you like better: Tongue or Cheesy

PJ: Tongue. I overuse the Tongue smiley.

GM: What would you say is your number one goal right now?

PJ: I really don’t know. Finish Wiki’s End, my comic series probably.

GM: What is your favorite page to edit?

PJ: Hmm…that’s a hard one…*thinks* Probably any of the articles I’ve created. I have no real favorite article…Mario Ice Capades, Falcon Flyer and Cardboard Box are the favorite articles I’ve made though. Tongue

GM: Last question…do you REALLY believe this is the last question?!

PJ: because I will be the one asking the last question. How are you?

GM: *taken aback* Wha?! Nobody asks the interviewer questions, fu’! XD But I’m OK, thanks Tongue

PJ: Does that mean I don’t get a milkshake? :sad: (I asked a question again!)

GM: Aack! All these questions! They huuuurt!! OK, I guess you deserve a milkshake Tongue

PJ: Yay! Can I go now?

GM: Yes. Thanks for the interview, Paper Jorge!!

PJ: You’re welcome! <ad> Don’t forget to read Wiki’s End! </ad>