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Director’s Notes

Marioguy1 (talk)

Hey guys! Welcome once again to the Pipe Plaza! I hope you are all going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know that the Pipe Plaza is giving thanks, thanks to all of its writers, its directors and thanks to you, the readers! Have an excellent thanksgiving, here are some better notes from SMB.

Super Mario Bros. (talk)

MG1 directed Pipe Plaza this time around (thanks MG1!). Cheers.

Mario Calendar (WigglerWhoopin'Warrior135 (talk))

Hey there, awesome readers of The 'Shroom! Its WigglerWhoopin'Warrior135 here to tell you guys about Mario games released on the awful and cold I mean wonderful month of November over Mario's now 25-year history!

That's it for this month! Now go read the rest of the 'Shroom. Go. Now. Are you still reading this? GO!

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38 (talk))

Tip of the Month:
When voting in a proposal, make sure you don't use a signature. Use Username (talk). Also, make sure what you're saying relates to what's being proposed. If you can't think of anything specific to say about it, put Per:proposer, or commentor on the bottom.

NIWA News (RAP (talk))

Hello once more, I am RAP (talk), and this is NIWA News - where the weather rains with "NIWA", and the day decides to yell out important news into your ears! I apologize for last month's absence - I was preoccupied with life outside the computer, the majority of NIWA matters, and the recent flu that got me sick. I'm feeling much better, so let's get on the news from this month and last month.

In case you don't know, the following wikis have joined NIWA in spite of the recent changes of the requirements (one and a half of last month's activity),

  • Lylat Wiki (StarFox wiki) joins in October 1st. The wiki was created by Justin Folvarcik, a staff member of the ZeldaWiki. It's the seventh (7th) wiki to come aboard. Arwingpedia, a wiki hosted in Wikia is merging with the latter wiki, making some good progress. They are currently in stage 2 out of 4: "Modifying the new pages".
  • Pikipedia (Pikmin wiki), along with sub-wiki Piki Cannon joins to be picked by from Wikia hosting. This makes the eighth (8th) and ninth (9th) wiki.
  • StrategyWiki, a fan-run strategy wiki hangs aboard - making it the tenth (10th) wiki to join, and the first wiki to join not associated with a specific Nintendo series. The wiki made affiliations with Bulbapedia, and WiKirby regarding fan-made game guides before joining NIWA.
  • SmashWiki (Super Smash Bros. wiki) joins aboard in the Friday of October 29th, and becomes the second (or third wiki if you count Pikmin Fanon) to be picked up from Wikia hosting. Unlike the two Pikmin wikis, this wiki was formerly hosted somewhere else before being merged to Wikia's SSB wiki. Smash with 'em by visiting their wiki]! Tis the eleventh (11th) wiki to join!

For this month, not much news has's a slow month,

  • WikiBound (EarthBound/Mother wiki) - created by Tacopill hops board! It was once called PKWiki until the majority voted for the current name of the wiki. It's the twelve (12th) wiki to join the wiki.
  • Donkey Kong Wiki (DK wiki) joins in on Friday the 12th of November 2010. This makes it the thirteenth (13th) wiki to join the alliance, and the first wiki to cover a franchise that an existing wiki covers (excluding language-specific wikis) - The Super Mario Wiki. The founder of the wiki Porplemontage approved the procedure and let the wiki joined the alliance.
  • Next month, after months of trial and error - I'm going to announce a certain wiki I've been working on exclusively for NIWA.

That's quite all for this month's NIWA News. Again, it's quite slow this month, that's all I have to announce for the time. See you next time good reader.

Forum Update (Ralphfan (talk))

  • A Mafia sub-board has been created in Forum Games.
  • Congratulations to Marioguy1, the new Forum Games local moderator.
  • The Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Count to 1,000,000 threads were mistakenly deleted while a moderator banned a troll.
  • Marcelagus (President Iwata) has returned.

Name changes:

  • BaseballYoshi24: BaseballYoshi24 --> Evil Gummy Bears --> BaseballYoshi24
  • BluePikminKong497: Blues --> U.S. Congress
  • FireBabyLuigi11: Masked Man --> Something's Bruin
  • Lily x: Noodle --> Feel_Good_Inc. --> Link_Dudette
  • Mason: Mason --> Lrrr
  • MrConcreteDonkey: Prince Fluff --> E-102 γ
  • MST3K: Prince Bowser Jr. --> Pharaoh Man --> Doctor Doom --> Deadpool
  • New Super Mario: New Super Mario --> New Super Fire Mario --> Spyro the Legendary Dragon --> Super Moogle
  • SolarBlaze: Zoycite --> Blaze the Cat
  • SonicMario: Ronald_Reagan --> Hockeytown, USA
  • SpinyMaster347: Leeroy Jenkins --> Rtas' Vadum
  • Tucayo: Pride of the Yankees --> Homely Potato
  • Unit4545: Secret Facepalm --> Falcon Facepalm
  • WigglerWhoopin'Warrior135: WigglerWhoopinWarrior135 --> WigglerWhoopinWarrior
  • YamiHoshi: YamiHoshi -->

Mafia Games (as of Friday, November 12)

  • The third party, the Werewolf, won MG1's MW Vampire.
  • The third party, the Russians, won BPK's World War II Mafia.
  • The Mafia, the Kremlings, won Gamefreak's DK Mafia.
  • The Mafia, Sunnyside Day Care, won Villain11's Toy Story 3 Mafia.
  • MCD's Halloween Mafia is in progress.
  • NSM's Sonic Mafia is in progress.
  • BaseballYoshi's Spongebob Mafia is in progress.
  • Xzealio's XzMafia is in progress.
  • Lily x's Zelda Mafia is open for sign-ups.

Featured (Marioguy1 (talk))

Hey guys! ‘Tis MG1 here for the section Featured. Unfortunately, due to archiving problems, I am unable to provide links to the noms; I hope to fix those problems by next issue. This month, we have three new featured articles:

Failed nominations are for:

There are no unfeatured articles and no unfeature noms failed!