The 'Shroom:Issue XLIII/Director's Notes

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Staff Notes

Sub Director Notes

By Tucayo (talk) Hello readers, Tucayo here with this month’s Sub‐Director Notes!

First of all, I want to apologize for failing to direct last issue… An unexpected family problem arose, and I had to leave town, but I am back! Also, I want to immensely thank SMB for the great work in said issue. Thanks man :)
I have good and bad news for you… First the good; Stooby returned! Yes sir, Stooby is back in the front of The 'Shroom to direct the rest of this year’s issues. The bad news; long‐time staff member, FS director, and Beta Elements writer Z3r0 Tw0 resigned this month. We wish you the best of luck, and thanks for everything.
Now, I guess you’ll like this part. Starting this issue, and going through January, we have a set of surprises for you. I’ll give you some small hints:

  • October: We are holding our Flag Contest! So if you like to draw, either with pencil and paper, or on the computer, sign up for our contest! It will last all month.
  • November: Something special… very special.
  • December: A game show! You will be able to sign up in December. Also, the Director Election for 2011!
  • January: We’ll have a set of Special Guests writing for this issue. And I have a little surprise in store for you. Not even the staff knows of this.

So we’re off to a great end of year! Have a great month, and eat ’shrooms!

PS: This is my 30th issue being part of The 'Shroom, thanks to everyone who made this possible :D