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Character Reviews

by Marioguy1 (talk)

Hello there everyone! It’s Marioguy1 here for the introduction of a new section...’’Character Reviews’’! For this section I will review the different aspects of a character attained randomly. The character may or may not be major or minor. It could be from any series. Only the random button can choose. However if anyone sends me a request by PM on the forums or on my talk page here at the wiki, I will most probably comply with the request.

Character reviews will be split up into five portions; storyline, design, humour, potential and used potential. I will include a paragraph on each section, ending with a rating. At the end of the section I will add up all the ratings and divide it by five, the end result will be the character’s rating. Anyways, enough explaining; time for the real section. This month the random button was a good function and reviewed a Mario & Luigi series classic that apparently...has fury...oh, and chortles! Yes, this month I am reviewing Fawful!


Fawful made his first appearance in ‘’Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga’’ as The Dragon of the game. Basically he was Cackletta’s top lieutenant and was a constant hindrance to the Mario bros. He appeared everywhere and annoyed the Mario bros. with different enemies, puzzles and himself. Finally he culminates a battle with the Mario bros. and goes out the window.

In ‘’Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time’’ he appears again as a shopkeeper and sells badges to the baby Mario bros., he also gives out some helpful advice but has no major role. You’ll be hearing about that in the potential section.

Finally in ‘’Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story’’, Fawful is the main antagonist (technically using a new trope) and infects the Mushroom Kingdom with the Blorbs. Fawful has major storyline appearances in that game and appears too many times to include it in a paragraph. He does basically the same thing as the first game and puts challenges in the way of the Mario bros. and Bowser. His purpose is to get the Dark Star and then he transforms into Dark Fawful after doing so. He battles the Mario bros. but eventually when he loses, he explodes. Guess he had too much fury Tongue

Anyways, Fawful’s appearance in the first and third games was very important to the storyline however his appearance in PiT had much lacking. Fawful gets 8/10.


OK, this section will be much shorter. Fawful has had basically the same design throughout the games...two of them anyways. His appearance in all games revolves around him having green skin, impressive headgear and a red cape. His eyes are swirls as well.

I honestly like the cape and green skin ideas but the fact that he has that headgear is really annoying in my opinion. It’s too big and clunky. Plus his mouth is ugly while he’s talking X_X. Anyways, his Dark Fawful form is much cooler but, unfortunately, we have passed a proposal to split those characters so I’m not covering dark fawful. His PiT design was more of a skin-tight white suit with an antennae which I honestly liked more so, this is very subjective though (I hate clunky headgear), Fawful gets 7/10.


Yes, the humour section, where I will inevitably shine...NOT. Anyways, the only humour I see with fawful is his (waaaaay over abused) “I HAVE <FEELING>” fad. I find it amusing how Nintendo abused the fad more than many fans but it’s still pretty funny when you first realize that. Other than that, Fawful has many humorous phrases including numerous words that make me giggle and just facepalm at the absolute stupidity of them. So, there you have it, Fawful’s humour explained in a paragraph. But I do give him a 7/10 for the funny phrases Nintendo came up with.


Nintendo has opened up Fawful to the world in many ways. His signature phrase has allowed him to become a comedy character meanwhile he still maintains a sinister air around him. He seems to be a funny super-villain...anyways, in Superstar Saga Nintendo chose to knock fawful out of a window instead of showing him being defeated, leaving the world open to having him stuck back in for the next games. PiT, as I said before, sucked at giving Fawful potential. They basically reversed his role from antagonist to protagonist. I hate that so don’t expect high marks in this section >_>

Anyways, finally, in BiS, Fawful really hit the peak and then exploded, destroying all future potential. So basically the total score here is 5/10 (sorry).

Used Potential

This section really coincides with the last one...anyways, Fawful was abused to the max in Superstar Saga and in BiS so he gets good marks in those two games. However he was left out and totally dropped in PiT which really stinks. So here he gets 7.5/10.


Well, Fawful is done being reviewed and now I add the scores together! So, my assistant GameServ will do the honors... <GameServ>: MG2: (7+7+8+7.5+5)/5 = 6.9 So, Fawful’s total score is 6.9/10 (AKA 7/10). Sorry he got such a low score but he died in M&L: PiT. Anyways, this has been: Character Review!