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by RAP.pngRAP...

Hello, it's-a me, RAP! You call me Ryan if you don't mind, as it is my first real name. I am one of the most recognized sysops in this big wacky wiki, along with my dragon Hooktail. Hello girl, how are you today? *Hooktail rawrs happily* Heh heh heh, Good dragon... I'm also a nice writer in the 'Shroom, which is now in da' block! You will be entertained by provided games and/or videos in your nearest newspaper... and the only newspaper is... The 'Shroom! This is worth for users who are painstaking bored nearly to death and wanted a nice break, and here it is!!

In this issue, another two games are in stock waiting to be reviewed by the one who entertains the users over Mariopedia! Or MarioWiki... I wonder if “Mariopedia” even existed even in the earlier times of this life on upon honor!! Lets... Go! *sees Hooktail licking me* OK! OK! Stop tasting me, er licking me! It tickles! OK, I get it. You loved eating me and tasting me, can you let me go to the Shroom? Please? *goes!*

Super Mario Legacy

OK, since I'd recently been in MFGG, you probably knew this eh? You really think this is a demo?! Oh great, I just spoiled it! It is a demo, but not just any demo that you normally can't enjoy. It is one of the first 3D Mario platformer games made by a fan that had such a tool to create this type of game. Let's go over the details of this game...

This demo consists of three levels. *hears the audience boo* Hey! It's a demo, it's still in progress! Do I have to let my girl devour all of you for entirely no reason at all? *crickets chirping* It's a good thing Hooktail is still wearing the earmuffs. *Ahem*Yes; there three levels for fans to play and test the physics on like in a real 3D Mario game. One special level consists of collecting the eight Red Coins in order to get a Star, or should I say Shine Sprite? No seriously, there's no polygon shape of a Power Star. That creator needs working on improvements aright. The graphics are average in a 3D world of a Mario game; some of the physics are nice.

The demo is criticized for having problems with collisions whenever players can get stuck onto a wall and such. It is also criticized for having occasional errors which could spoil the gameplay, so the player has to replay the game again to get where it's done. And the worst thing is that there is only one enemy in the game, a Koopa Troopa. *sees Hooktail devour a few of them, the audience runs away* Heh, she gets a nice snack to feed her large scaly body. As I said, the demo requires and begs for improvements and such.

The demo is created by MrGuy, one of the members of MFGG. If you want to check this demo out with 3D boggling fun, go click here!

Phew! One down, one to go... *hears Hooktail's stomach gurgling* Awwwwwww... Her stomach is currently digesting her prey; I just love hearing it, it feels so nice hearing them gurgle, and feeling the prey slowly dissolving away. Let's continue.

Toad Strikes Back

It's time for some fame with that ordinary Toad! That guy kicks some butt as he was the star of the game! The story represents of Mario defeating the King Koopa also known as Bowser, and right now he's currently visiting foreign lands as this story was later became a legend. A magikoopa named Kamek was Bowser's loyal retainer. He one day invaded the Mushroom Kingdom and stole the stones called Starspheres. He planned to use it to resurrect Bowser in order to continue invading. An ordinary citizen had heard about this event as he strikes back, and that guy is Toad!!

The game is packed with tons of gameplay, unlockables, levels, and so much more I can't spoil your mind!! There are three powerups that Toad will encounter, the Fire Flower which you know that... *Hooktail breathes fire* Thanks for the demonstration, no; the powerup can let you throw fireballs. The second one is that Hammer, you can defeat any enemy with this weapon of mass destruction, you can just whack this lump. And the third powerup is… Yoshi? Sounds like a portable powerup to me! You can use him to eat enemies that Toad doesn't usually defeat in such a way.

There are 50 unique levels begging to you to play it on! The core of having a ton of secrets in any area of environment, between grasslands, ghost houses, undergrounds, and many many more! In addition, each level has a single Mushroom Medal, a special item if you collect all of them in each level, you can unlock the secret world! There are tons of things to go around it will keep you busy for about 50 hours of playtime for you to enjoy. Levels get trickier each world as you have to defeat every boss in each world you are in.

Another nifty features includes that you can talk to other NPCs, switch powerups that you gathered until you die, going to mini-game rooms that cost 5000 score points each play, and secrets in levels you normally can't spot unless you try that hard!!

This awesome game is created by Thunder Dragon, WOW! One of the admins of MFGG! And it took 6 years to finally finish this big bad game?! The highest score the game received in that website, and now this site too! Give a great clapping to Thunder Dragon! *RAP and Hooktail claps* Funny, she terrified the audience away by devouring a few Koopa Troopas. If you want the real deal of this type of game, go here! Recommended for anyone you met!!

Now it's officially done. Phew! I'm tired... Hooktail, may I hug your scaly stomach to rest for a while? *Hooktail agrees, she lies down on her back with her wings folded to get a better position. RAP climbs up onto to her scaly belly, and then hugged affectionately* Ahhhhh... some nice rest with that dragon... So I can hear her stomach continuing to digest her snack. Bye bye everyone.