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Section of the Month

Special Sections
Place Section Votes Percentage of Votes Writer
3rd Uniju and Turb are Going Places 2 14.29% Uniju :D (talk) and Turboo (talk)
2nd Mario Kart 8 Tournament Thoughts 4 28.57% SKmarioman (talk)
1st Awards Mafia IV Thoughts 6 42.86% Super-Yoshi (talk)
Main Team
Place Section Votes Percentage of Votes Writer
3rd Interview 2 10.53% Superchao (talk)
2nd Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner 6 31.58% Ninelevendo (talk)
1st Beyond 120 Stars 11 57.89% Megadardery (talk)

Mario4Ever (talk) here with last month's Section of the Month results. Starting with special sections, third place goes to Uniju and Turb are Going Places by Uniju :D (talk) and Turboo (talk). Second place goes to SKMarioman (talk) for his thoughts on the Mario Kart 8 tournament, and first place goes to Super-Yoshi (talk) for his thoughts on Awards Mafia IV.

Moving on to main sections, third place goes to Superchao (talk) for his interview with Super-Yoshi (talk). Second place goes to Ninelevendo (talk)'s Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner, and first place, for the second time, goes to Megadardery (talk) for Beyond 120 Stars. Congratulations to all, and stay tuned for next issue to see this month's results!

Issue XCI
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