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Interview with Sadaharu

by NSMBW Mario and Yoshi Jumping Artwork.pngXzelionETC

GG = Xzelion (talk)
Hk = Sadaharu (talk)
All words are left in their original form to keep to the trueness of the interview.

GG: How did you find Mariowiki?
Hk: i was at and they mentioned it, and they mentioned Steve, and I ended up clicking a link one day on that site, and it brought me here and I made an account just kind of randomly and yeah

GG: I understand you are the creator of the 'Shroom, how did you come up with this idea?
Hk: Well, I got aproval from Steve to make a Community Portal, which eventually became PipePlaza. The 'Shroom was under this, PipelPlaza was an umbrella project that contained the portal and this thing i tottaly ripped from Wikipedia called the signpost. So I really didn't come up with the idea. I stole it and then introduced it.

GG: When you came here, who welcomed you?
Hk: That's an interesting story. No one welcomed me. I ended up welcoming myself. Salty later apologized for it.

GG: Who was the first person that befriended you?
Hk: Son of Suns. He acted as a mentor of sorts. I really miss him. He defended me during the "Sandbox Incident," too.

GG: What was your first edit?
Hk: This can't be right; it says my first edit was too Goombaria. I apparently tagged it with an image template BEFORE I INVENTED IT

GG: So, You were one of the few that fought off Willy on Wheel's First attempts at the wiki. How was it reverting his spam?

Hk: It was fun. I guess. There was no one on the site at the time. I just moved pages back to their names. The one thing about this atrocious occurrence is that everyone thinks Wayoshi did it. He wasn't even an active user yet.

GG: What's your Favorite Article?
Hk: Well, I like the article on Lakitus. Its for the win. Tottaly. I just fixed up the Luigi article, so its pretty nice. Although, I'd have to say, I have a special connection to the Shigeru Miyamoto article.

GG: You were the one that started the "Cheese Craze of 07" can you explain how that happened?
Hk: I uh. Well.... I went to yellowdinodude's talk page and uh.... I said I liked Cheese. It really took off from there.

GG: When you join what was your first impression of the wiki?
Hk: This place sucked. Yeah. I hated it. It was rundown and abandoned. I said I was gonna bring it life, and so I stayed.

GG: Alright, do you think this is the last question?

Hk: Is that your final answer?

GG: You can't turn a question on me O_o

Hk: 42 Uh.

GG: Yes or no?

Hk: I thought this was the fun question. lol yeah i guess it could be, although,,,,,,it might not be Ya..i Guess

GG:Are you mad you got the question wrong? :P

HK: i did?

GG:Yes :P

Hk:Are you sure?

GG: Erm..Yes....

<Hk: Is that your final answer?


GG: Thanks for letting me interview you....

HK:Thank you for not gving up.

GG: lol

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