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by NSMBW Mario and Yoshi Jumping Artwork.pngXzelionETC

Interview with RAP

GG: How did you find the wiki?
RAP: When I first went around the Super Mario War Forums, I was thinking of ideas, but then I starting to ran out of ideas to make the game more good. SO I thought, why type So I did, and there it was; it has information about the Mario series; so I decided to cut off the Super Mario War Forums and join here.

GG: Why did you decide to licensees all the unliscened pics here at the wiki?
RAP: When I'm starting to think of new ways of helping the wiki such as Mario Party mini-game articles, I decided to attempt to organize the images while learning how to put licenses.

GG: Did you ever get welcomed to the wiki, and if so by who?
RAP: I got welcomed by 3D while making Mario Party series mini-game articles, he said that he actually like one of my articles.

GG: What was your first edit?
RAP: I believe my first edit is Game Guy Space, again I made Mario Party series articles when coming here. BTW, it is also my first article made by me.

GG: What’s your favorite article?
RAP: My favorite article would be Bowser, basically it has detailed summaries within it, I just wish it could be expanded it more...

GG: Why do you like Lemmy?
RAP: Basically I like eating much ice cream like Lemmy as he liked cold stuff, also I also like the rainbow hair he had and how wacky he is, like as me... *Smiles*

GG: Do you think this is the last question?
RAP: Yes, I think so

GG: Are you mad you got the last question wrong?
RAP: Wha??

GG: Well, thats it, Thanks, *Winks*
RAP: Thank you!

Interview with YellowYoshi398

GG: How did you find this wiki?
YY398: I believe I first stumbled upon it through a link from Wikipedia; one of those "Luigi's page at the Super Mario Wiki" links at the end of pages.

GG: What’s your favorite article?
YY398: I don't know... I like almost everything in Category:Implied, especially if the article's nice and bulky. I suppose I don't really have a favorite... I really like Hammer Bro., for one, though. Not that it's in the implied category.

GG: Is there a memory here that sticks out among the rest?
YY398: Definitely when Tonya Logan attacked, and how we all fought her... I loved that.

GG: What’s your favorite type of cheese?
YY398: Haha. Probably American... but pepper jack is good, too, especially since everyone seems to hate it.

GG: What’s your favorite article to edit?
YY398: That's a toughie... I used to edit Hammer Bro. a lot (usually adding to its History section), but I've kinda left it and it's been doing good without me. I don't really have a favorite article to edit; I just try to do my best with making edits all around.

GG: What was your first article you created?
YY398: Star Realm

GG: Who’s your favorite Marioverse character?
YY398: Yoshi... or Yellow Yoshi. I've honestly never even THOUGHT of dividing the two among my favorite characters.

GG: What’s your favorite Video Game
YY398: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and I mean the original.

GG: What's your least favorite game?
YY398: That's pretty hard... If you're talking Mario, I found Yoshi's Cookie to be rather unsatisfying. I doubt that's my least favorite game of all time, but I don't buy many bad games... so I can't really think of anything else...

GG: What are your favorite two foods?
YY398: Cheese and chili dogs.

GG: Do you think this is the last question?
YY398: Ah-HA! I'll have to do some deducing for that... I'd say it is, since it was for KPH. Wink

GG: Yeppers it is, Thanks YellowYoshi398
YY398: Any time! 'Twas an honor.

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