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April Report 

by Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y


20000 pages & 10,000,000 page views were surpassed this month, with nearly 1000 more images. Early in May (not shown here) we also reached 6000 articles.
April Statistics
Statistic As of 13:35P, 1 April* As of 18:45P, 3 May* Total for April % of Change
Page Views 9,232,190 12,265,130 2,226,650 32.85%
Views per Edit 72.13 78.39 8.68%
Page Edits 128,002 156,462 28,460 22.23%
Edits per Page 7.04 7.42 5.40%
# of Articles 5,269 5,926 657 12.47%
# of Pages 18,181 21,100 2,919 16.06%
# of Files 5,573 6,571 998 17.91%
# of Users 1,252 1,595 343 27.40%
*All times EDT. Comparison from beginning of record-taking (Jan 2007) will reappear next issue, a biyearly total.

Luigi and Super Paper Mario has made it into the Top 10 most viewed pages, replacing some list pages. For complete list, see Special:Popularpages.

New ACTIVE Users

343 users this month? That's a record. Here's our biggest contributors:


A little bit of news this month.

One new admin: RAP. He really does cleanup around here, so he was an easy choice for the writer of this article.

Besides from a few troll attacks early in April from Willy and Peachycake clones (a sister of this user), things have been quiet. Patrollers were instituted to help against any more attacks. As expected, Super Paper Mario brought a surge in articles and images uploaded for the month, and the enemy templates were reformed so they were identical color-wise and presented certain information based on what type of game the enemy is from, after some debate.

We are trying to utilize {{usermessages}} as a multi-user communication system. Do your part by adding the template to your user or user talk page.

After some buzz, it's been a quiet month, and that's the highlights for now. Next month polls are open for the Mario Awards, which will be very exciting indeed.