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Poll Chairperson Address

by Mario4Ever (talk)

Greetings, everyone. I would like to thank the members of the community who participated in this year's election and supported me as chairperson of the fifth Poll Committee. As I said in my campaign, I've enjoyed serving on the previous two Poll Committees, so I will do my best to ensure that the Poll Committee continues to be an active aspect of the community. I am accepting membership applications from now until August 2nd. To apply, please send me a Personal Message on the forum that discusses your community experience (this does not have to be experience on past Poll Committees), why you want to be a member of the committee, and what your plans are for both the committee and the community as a whole. If you wish, you can include a sample poll in your application. My only restrictions on polls are that they don't break any rules and are related to gaming in some way, as I want the polls to be as diverse and inclusive as possible in terms of content. It will not hurt your application if you choose not to include a sample poll, but doing so potentially gives the committee ideas it can use. On that note, anyone who does not end up as a member of the committee is encouraged to submit poll ideas using the format below. I look forward to a great year!

1.) Poll Title — Give the poll a generic title that states what it is about. Some common choices for the poll title are the just the question itself or a shortened version of it.

2.) Question — Provide the question that you would like for the viewers to answer.

3.) Answer choices — Provide the answer choices that you would like to include in the poll.

4.) Username — Include your wiki username.

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