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Director's Notes???

By Turboo (talk)

Ignore the fact that I'm not NSM and everything will be alright. Anyway, there was only one section received this month, so there's no SOTM poll. Sad.

February got 40 SOTM votes total, with Word Search and Hiding Koopa tying for second with 12 each and Guess Who getting first with 16. That's really about everything, and congratulations to everyone!

Guess Who!

By Chuck Ballymoo (talk)

  1. It has been approximately fifteen years since I was last the star of an adventure.
  2. I have not been playable in a mainstay of my series until what you might call quite recently.
  3. My special ability can keep me alive in situations where my companions would die, and it makes me a desirable character to play as, then and now.
  4. I'm a natural blonde and a cutie.
  5. Not to mention, the girlfriend of a sidekick.


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