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Opening Statement

by Tucayo (talk)
Thanks to Master Crash (talk) for the logo!

HO HO HO, I'm your merry Co-director, Tucayo, here to kick off this year's Special Holiday Issue! We have a great lineup this year, and - as usual - we will be releasing the sections one by one, as shown in the following schedule:

Time (EST) Section
12:00:00 PM Opening Statement
12:05:00 PM Section of the Month
12:10:00 PM 'Shroom Spotlight
12:15:00 PM Scavenger Hunt II
12:20:00 PM Feedback Survey
12:25:00 PM
12:30:00 PM
12:35:00 PM
12:40:00 PM Fake News
12:45:00 PM Fun Stuff
12:50:00 PM Palette Swap
12:55:00 PM Pipe Plaza
01:00:00 PM Critic Corner
01:05:00 PM
01:10:00 PM
01:15:00 PM
01:20:00 PM Interview
01:25:00 PM Brawl Tactics
01:30:00 PM Mario Calendar
01:35:00 PM Upcoming Games
01:40:00 PM A History of Video Games
01:45:00 PM
01:50:00 PM
01:55:00 PM
02:00:00 PM Special Section
02:05:00 PM Special Section
02:10:00 PM Special Section
02:15:00 PM Special Section
02:20:00 PM Special Section
02:25:00 PM Special Section
02:30:00 PM
02:35:00 PM
02:40:00 PM Director Election
02:45:00 PM
02:50:00 PM End of Year Awards
02:55:00 PM
03:00:00 PM Closing Statement

You will also be able to follow all the action with us and several readers on our yearly chat party at #mwshroom (applet · Mibbit).

Among all the great sections we have this month, we have the third installment of the End-of-the-Year Awards and the Director Election for the 2013-2014 term! If you are interested in running you should check it out as soon as possible, as we have established a deadline for campaigns to be submitted. We are also having an end-of-year Feedback Survey we want to kindly ask you to answer.

After you finish reading all the fantastic sections we have, please be sure to drop by SMB's Thank You speech. Please enjoy the issue, catch you at the chat party!

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