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Subscription Update

by Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Hello everybody! I feel that it is important that I make a staff article regarding some new features regarding our subscription services. The 'Shroom Staff has promised its readers more ways to find out when our latest issues are hot off the presses, so we have looked into several methods of doing so. I will discuss the older way of subscribing, as well as the two new options that have been introduced.

The first method of subscribing to The 'Shroom was one that was introduced in 2006 by Wayoshi (talk) when he was Director, and was specifically tailored for those that have accounts on the wiki. It is as simple as inserting the {{'Shroombox}} template onto your user page! There are also parameters in the template's coding that allow you to align the box to the right of the page or to the left of the page. Every month, the staff will update that template in order to bring each issue right to your page. Displaying the 'Shroombox template is a great way to publicly show your support for our project and is a good way to find out about new editions of the paper if you regularly check the wiki.

The second method of subscribing for updates was suggested by Tantusar (talk) and was introduced by Henry Tucayo Clay (talk) in June 2013, and is designed primarily to benefit members of the Super Mario Boards, our website's forum. If you have an account on the forum all you have to do is click on the "Notify" button (which is in the bar where the "Reply" button usually is) in this topic. We will post one update every time an issue is released, and it will send a notification to your e-mail informing you of the update. For those who are active on the forum, they will be able to see the post regardless. For those who check their e-mail more often, they are still kept in the loop.

And I am introducing the third, and most recent, method for subscription in this issue. One concern I had about our subscription service so far is that it excludes our readers that do not have wiki or forum accounts. We have designed a basic form for guests to fill out, which can be located here. All you have to do is provide your e-mail address, and we will send you updates concerning The 'Shroom! Please note that this form is confidential and the information that you disclose will only be accessed by 'Shroom Staff members for the purpose of sending these updates. This is the best way for guests to be able to receive news on the Official Newspaper of the Super Mario Wiki.

We will consider other ways of expanding our subscription service in order to ensure that our readers are kept informed about our progress. We here at The 'Shroom prioritize the reader's experience, and we hope that these innovations will help us satisfy that goal. Thank you for reading!

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