The 'Shroom:Issue LXX/Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger Hunt

HI, scavengers! I'm your ubiquitous 'Shroom-person, Tucayo, and I am here to share with you the location of all the hidden items in our last issue. In case you don't remember, we had a Scavenger Hunt as part of our Holiday celebrations, and we would prize the user who got to us with all the locations first, so here we go!

Oh, they are telling me no one found the items... Were we that good at hiding them? Well, even if you didn't find them all, I hope you had fun searching for them, since we certainly had fun planning the event. Here are the locations of the hidden items:

  • Stocking: Ask Tucayo's image.
  • Candy cane: The tomahawk on an image from Dippy's Assassin's Creed III review. NOT Tom's mohawk, as I had originally understood.
  • Yoshi's Eggnog: Many readers asked us what this was Well, it's this, and it was hidden in the third set of Christmas lights from the right on the Scavenger Hunt article. Remember how I told you it was somewhere you wouldn't have looked at in the first place? This is an actual recipe, as seen on The Drunken Moogle.
  • Piñata: My Crossword's answers. Come on, wasn't it kinda obvious I would be the one hiding the piñata?
  • Pudding Plum: The first image on Gamefreak's Travel Guide. (One of the "meatballs")
  • Fruitcake: Floating on the second image on Gamefreak's Travel Guide.
  • Menorah: A tricky one, it was hidden on Dippy and 22's Crossword
  • Snowman: Top-left corner on MCD's News Flush.
  • Super Mario Bros. (talk): The Holiday banner on his notes. Banner courtesy of Master Crash (talk).
  • Penguin: Floating on the Music & Art page.
  • Kwanzaa-candle color themes: Probably the trickiest, since it's very likely you had to google what the colors were. The colors were cleverly hidden on the stars in the second image from TFP's review.

As always, feedback is much appreciated. Please share your thoughts on this event on the forum, so we can improve for a potential second Hunt. We hope you didn't go crazy looking for them. And if you did, psychiatrist's on us. Stay tuned for our next event, BYE!