The 'Shroom:Issue LXIX/Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger Hunt

Hello dear readers, welcome to our Special Holiday Scavenger Hunt! This is an event we started planning some months ago, so we hope you enjoy it. Here are the instructions

  • Scattered throughout the issue we have hidden several holiday-themed items, the goal of the game is to find them all.
  • These items can be hidden anywhere in the issue, except in the Director Election page (it is sacred). These items are confined to only this issue, so there is no point in checking the archives or other pages such as the Sign-Up page. Search extensively, as some of these items may not be visible.
  • When you find all the items in the list, PM Super Mario Bros. with the specific locations of each item.
  • The first reader to give us the complete list of the items will be able to earn a prize and a shout-out in the January issue. All subsequent readers who get the complete list will get a shout-out on the January issue!
  • Here's the list of items you need to find:
    • This stocking.
    • A candy cane
    • Yoshi's Eggnog
    • A piñata
    • Pudding plum
    • A fruitcake
    • A menorah
    • A snowman
    • Our beloved director, SMB
    • A penguin
    • Kwanzaa-candle color themes

Have fun, and try not to go crazy! The contest ends Wednesday, January 16th. Oh, and there is one item hidden in this very article. A small hint, it’s on a place you probably wouldn’t look at in the first place.

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