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Section of the Month

Section of the Month - Main Team
Month Issue Section Writer
July 2012 Issue 64 A History of Video Games Toad85 (talk)
August 2012 Issue LXV A History of Video Games Toad85 (talk)
September 2012 Issue LXVI A History of Video Games Toad85 (talk)
October 2012 Issue LXVII A History of Video Games Toad85 (talk)

HI, readers! I'm your magnificent Statistics Manager, Tucayo, and I am once again here to bring you the results of the Main Team SOTM Poll. We had 30 votes in the Main Team poll, which is 2 more than last month and a record for this poll! However, the average for all polls dropped by 12 points, going down to an average 55 votes per poll. Now to the Main Team SOTM results... *drumroll*

Wait, the suspense is pointless, you already saw the winner in the table at the beginning of the section. The winner, for the fourth time in a row, is our historian-in-turn, Toad85 (talk). In last month's visit to the Toad Zone, Toad85 told us more about the handheld wars, and how Nintendo's victory back then shaped the handheld gaming industry as we know it. Oh, and this was Toad85's 12th 'Shroom section, so happy anniversary to him!

Since our vote average was way lower than last month's, I want to strongly invite you to vote for the best sections, all it takes is a click. For the Sub-Team SOTM, you'll find the polls at the end of each sub-team, you'll find the Main Team poll below. So please, remember to vote to acknowledge those writers who deserve it!