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Mario Kart Tournament Recap

by Lakituthequick (talk)

Hello everyone! I'm honored to be allowed to write a Special Section for the 'Shroom!
Today I'm going to write about my experience during the Mario Kart 7 Tournament, hosted by Pyro (talk)!

The first race. I was nervous. Could I make it? Since I had dinner. Had to run away from it. Announced I'd run away 2 minutes beforehand. Great preparation.
Then the race started. I don't exactly know how it went anymore, but I know I proceeded. Actually, everybody proceeded, since we were with only four people, and four would go to the next round.

Rrrround 2. Again, troubles with dinner. But things went better this time, as there were six people this time. I became first, (talk) became second.

Round 3, the Finals. I only had one opponent, because the rest didn't show up.
It was me VS. (talk), and she is a tough opponent, believe me.
The first course, DK Pass. Starting nice, then Yami was in first, then I hit her with a Red Shell and became first myself. Staying first for a while, then I drove into a snowball, and Yami freely passed me.
In the second lap, Yami crashed into a wall in the tunnel, not having great handling by using a Super Leaf, so I could pass her. Then at the zigzags, it was a neck-to-neck race, won by Yami. However, her victory was of short living, getting hit by my Green Shell. For the rest of the lap, nothing special happened.
Then out of nothing, a Green Shell appeared in Yami's view and hit her. It was my Shell. Then I finished. 3-1 for me.

Second course, Waluigi Pinball. Another good start, Yami immediately taking the lead, keeping it until accidentally hitting a wall. She got the lead back fairly quick, in lap 2, by passing me with a Slipstream, dodging any incoming Red Shells with a Banana. For the rest of the whole race, she stayed in first, and finished first. 4-4 tie.

Third course, announced in chat as follows:

<LTQ>: course 3 is SK jungle

<MKGirlism>: DK Jungle.

<Pyro>: sk jungle? woh, made me think "SKMarioman?!"

DK Jungle, apparently. Another neck-to-neck start. Then, right before the water with the Screaming Pillars, I trapped her into a banana, making her fall down in the water. I was first for a whole round, and this time, Yami didn't fall in the water, by she dodged the new banana, and used a Golden Mushroom after that. For another lap, I was in first, getting ink on me once, but not much else. It was 7-5 for me.

The last course was Luigi's Mansion. Got a Red Shell on me inside the mansion, letting Yami pass. Nothing special happened untill the end of lap 2, where I got a Lucky 7, and shot everything I had at her. Hit with 3 things, only 2 had effect. Hit with Green Shell, Blooper and Star, of which the Star hadn't effect. After being in first for one more lap, I had won. 10-6.

I am very happy to have won, and I want to thank my family for their patiece at dinner.
See ya later!