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Guess The Results! Winner

by Gamefreak75 (talk)

Well, here is another guest section for your viewing, but don't expect anything to extravagant. Anyways, I am writing this section because I somehow won the Guess the Results. This is my third year participating in this event, but this is the first time I ever placed first. Last year, I got second place, losing by 1 measly point, but ended up getting the most trifectas. I don't even know about the GTR competition two years ago, there were only like 3 or 4 people participating and I probably got last place. This year, not only did I manage to get the most trifectas, but I also got the most points: 413 out of a possible 900 (?), which is the highest I have ever gotten. So, uh, I think that pretty much covers it…

Wait a minute, I'm forgetting the most important part about winning any competition: bragging rights!

*insert long speech about me gloating*

That's basically it, so see you guys around.

Author's Note: I did not do my research when coming up with these numbers, so they're likely wrong. Oh well!