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Director's Notes

Hello readers of The 'Shroom! Welcome to our May 2012 issue. This month, I have a few announcements.

When this term started back in February, the Core Staff immediately began discussing the plans for the year. This included some ideas shared by myself, Tucayo (talk), and Marioguy1 (talk) during the Director's Election of 2011, new ideas the other members of the Core Staff came up with, plans that were designed last year (and even a few years ago, in some cases) and were never implemented, and much more. One of the topics that one might imagine coming up in these discussions is the concept of the Special Issue. After considering a few ideas for this project, we all ended up agreeing that Issue LXIV (July 2012) is when the next Special Issue will be.

As of such, one thing we have planned is the Feedback Survey. Last month, I announced that the Feedback Survey would be held this month. However, the Core Staff determined that it would be better to merge the initially-planned May 2012 and September 2012 surveys into one that will be run from the release of the Special Issue through the August 2012 issue. That is what we ended up deciding to do, so there is no Feedback Survey this month.

Finally, the Poll Chairperson Election of 2012 will begin next month and will run until the Special Issue. Anybody that wishes to be the Chairperson of the Poll Selection Committee must run a campaign that follows the rules that will be posted when the election starts. Those who intend to run a campaign must have an account on the Super Mario Boards (or must create one during the election cycle in order to qualify for the nomination), must select six members that will agree to serve in their committee (one of whom must agree to serve as Vice-Chairperson), and must agree to uphold the responsibilities that come with the position of Poll Committee Chairperson. Debates will also be held if there are multiple candidates, although attendance at these debates is not required to maintain one's status as a candidate in the election. If you are considering a run for the position, be sure to start planning. More information on this election and what the Poll Committee does will be provided in the election article next month.

Please be sure to check back on June 16th, 2012, when the next issue is to be released.

Until next month,

Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Activity Announcements

Hello, lucky beings and welcome to the second installment of Activity Announcements! I am your Activity Director, Marioguy1 (talk) announcing the official beginning of 'Shroom Mafia II! This game is bound to be fun, and the first phase will begin tonight!

I also have a special announcement about the game, specifically focusing on all 'Shroom writers playing in the game. As a thank you to all 'Shroom writers, they will be given a special item to start of the game - an item not obtainable in any shop. Use it well!

As for the 'Shroom Spotlight, we really need more people to sign up for it and we need those who signed up to help out. Last month we covered Super Mario Bros. and I didn't see any significant edits to the articles from any of our members. We need to work harder, people! Remember, the person who edits the most will receive an honourable mention in the Activity Announcements, and for those who constantly help out, the end-of-year awards might have something waiting for them.

Sign up here and edit! This month we will be covering a nice, classic 3D game, Super Mario Sunshine! Often considered an outsider in Mario games, Super Mario Sunshine had a completely different method of attacking - water! Let's see what you guys know about it, edit any article relating to Super Mario Sunshine over the next month and I will announce the winner next issue!