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Director's Notes

Hello fellow readers! There is not much for me to report this month, but I do have a few things to say.

Firstly, I would like to thank Twentytwofiftyseven (talk) for standing in for Edofenrir (talk) this month with the editing of the sections and assisting in preparing the issue for release this month. Edofenrir had some personal things to tend to, and so he asked Twentytwofiftyseven to help out, and he agreed to. So once again, thank you for your help!

Next month, The 'Shroom will be running another Feedback Survey for readers to participate in. For those who do not know, the Feedback Survey is a questionnaire that the Core Staff runs every four months (for a duration of one month) that allows the readers to give input on the way The 'Shroom is being handled, the quality of the sections and the paper, and ideas on how to improve the project. The results of the survey allow the Core Staff to determine what needs to be focused on and how to better serve the readers. So be sure to participate in that survey next month— you can have an influence the course of The 'Shroom for the next few months!

The guest writer for this issue is Beanbean (talk), who wrote a film review entitled With Pleasure. I implore you to read the submission, it makes for a good read!

The Core Staff is working on several projects and we hope to introduce them in the following months, so be sure to read next month's issue when it comes out on May 19th, 2012!

Until next month,

Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Activity Announcements

Hello beings of various species, sizes and genders! I am your Activity Director, Marioguy1 (talk), bringing you the first installment of my new section - Activity Announcements. Much like the Director's Notes, these announcements will update you on what The 'Shroom is doing, special events, and special issues, as well as give the monthly report on the status of the 'Shroom Spotlight. Make sure to read them so that you can be involved in everything that The 'Shroom is doing!

This month I have a very special announcement to make! To celebrate my rise to this position For no reason in particular, The 'Shroom will be hosting 'Shroom Mafia II! The second installment of the 'Shroom mafia, it will be hosted by yours truly, with appearances from some other hosts from around the community - sign ups are currently open so make sure to sign up! The game will begin on the release of the May Issue (May 19th) and it will be very fun. More will be revealed in the sign-up thread on the forums.

As for the 'Shroom Spotlight, it's been a while so I'll recap what it is. The 'Shroom Spotlight was an idea introduced in Special Issue L exactly one year ago next month to focus the attention of users on a specific set of articles each month. The idea went inactive as it was not updated each month, but I'm bringing it back. Go to this page to sign up as a contributor to the Spotlight, and read The 'Shroom every month to see what game we are focusing on!

This month, as it is a new beginning for the 'Shroom Spotlight, we'll focus on a new beginning for the big N. One where they redesigned, renovated and renewed the Mario series to the series we know and love today. The first true Mario game, Super Mario Bros.! Next month I will reveal which of the current members of the 'Shroom Spotlight did the most for Super Mario Bros. articles over the past month and maybe there will be something in the end-of-year awards for the user who does the most overall...

So, to recap:

  • 'Shroom Mafia - signups are open now on the forums, game starts May 19th. It's bound to be fun!
  • Sign up for the 'Shroom Spotlight!
    • This month's game is Super Mario Bros.
    • The most helpful contributor (who is signed up for the Spotlight) will be recognized next issue, and the most helpful contributor for the entire year may have something waiting for them in the end-of-year awards.

Thank you so much for reading, I will see you again next month for the beginning of 'Shroom Mafia and the results of Super Mario Bros.!