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by Stooben Rooben (talk)

Greetings, esteemed 'Shroom readers! I've come back from the grave to provide you all with some interviews once again. Hopefully the trip will be worth it. There isn't too much else to say about my return, since, well, you came here to learn about other people.

This month, I'll be reviewing two people: Crocodile Dippy (formerly, Pokemon DP/Black Hole Sun/My Bloody Valentine), and Master Crash (formerly, Super Paper Luigi DS). Just look at all those name changes!

The First Target

Crocodile Dippy joined the site quite a long time ago under the name "Pokemon DP". He became quite popular within a short period of time, gaining numerous friends and even earning a promotion early into his membership. He was the first Australian admin on the wiki (and on chat, Userpedia, and a few other areas around here), and remains the only Australian user to have earned that title to date. Around the community, his reputation as a cool guy spread to places like the forum, chat, and even Userpedia; however, along with this, he would also gain quite a few enemies that hated his guts. Friendly as DP was to the people he like, he could also be vicious and sharp-tongued to others. This caused quite a lot of controversy to revolve around DP at the time, resulting in many flame wars in the chatroom and on Userpedia. Despite this, though, many users still looked up to DP as a role model for activity, good friendship, on-the-ball adminship, and even as someone who didn't take shit from people.

As time passed, DP eventually resigned from his administrative position on the MarioWiki, taking a brief hiatus from most parts of the community. He returned later with a new name: "Black Hole Sun" (pulled from the Soundgarden song of the same name). During this time, he mostly hung around The Xephyr Board, as that is where most of his friends resided. However, he would once again receive a controversial reputation, this time as someone who was "emo", "edgy", and just an outright "asshole". (Note that those opinions are in quotes because they are not my opinion.) His love of music grew by a very notable degree during this period, and he has since retained an eminence as the wiki's musical guru. Though his taste in music has drifted from time to time, he has always been vocal about his love for music and the artful, unique ways in which it can be represented.

Fast-forward a year or so, and Dippy once again went on a hiatus for a short time. He came back again, this time with the name "My Bloody Valentine" (named after the greatest band to come out of Ireland). By this point, he had mellowed out considerably, which resulted in him practically losing his controversial reputation. He had even publicly apologized to numerous people for his previous behavior in an effort to turn over a new leaf. His efforts proved to be successful, and his word true — he's had a solid reputation as one of the coolest guys around the community since. (Now that's an opinion I can agree with.) He slowly started to ease his way back into community centers, such as the chatroom and MarioWiki forum. He also started writing for The 'Shroom once again at this point, and even earned back his administrative rights on Userpedia.

Shortly after that, he began to play on the community's Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft servers. It got to the point where everyone who mained those servers specifically enjoyed playing with Dippy. This furthered his reputation as a cool guy even more. His ruthless adventures and friendly way of playing on these servers would eventually earn him the nickname "Crocodile Man" (mostly due to his choice of Sniper weapons/accessories in TF2). He came up with his next name (which is also his current one) by fusing that nickname with a mispronunciation of "DP"; thus, "Crocodile Dippy" was born. Since then, he's maintained a very propitious reputation. He's once again become a dear friend to many, and holds a fair amount of respectable positions around the community.

I'd just like to point out that Dippy's history here is extremely long and involved, so I've had to brush past a lot of details. Plus, my recollection is somewhat fuzzy on many things due to how long he's been here, and my own frequent hiatuses. I'd recommend checking out his Userpedia article or contacting him yourself for finding out more info.

The First Interview

Me: Greetings, dear 'Shroom readers! Here in our studio today is a relic of the MarioWiki's community. least to me.
Me: Everyone say hi to Crocodile Dippy!
Crocodile Dippy: G'day, mates.
Me: I guess I should get the ball rolling with the basic facts.
Me: You've been here for a pretty long time. Do you remember when you joined?
Crocodile Dippy: Sometime around May in 2007. Had just moved into me new house at the time, so I remember it quite clearly.
Me: Moving into a new house is a pretty big deal, so I can see why it's easy to remember. Hopefully it's a nice house!
Crocodile Dippy: Yeah but five years in it makes it so boring after a while, heh.
Me: Hopefully five years in the same wiki isn't too boring.
Crocodile Dippy: Nah, man, things are always changing around here. I usually back off a bit when it does get tedious, anyway. As I'm apparently quite known for.
Me: Might you remember how you came across the wiki?
Crocodile Dippy: I think I first found the Wiki in late 2006, via Wikipedia. I don't really remember the full details since it was a bloody long time ago, but at the very least I browsed the site a fair bit until I finally decided to join.
Me: Back then, I think Wikipedia was the most common way users discovered this site. Although I'd assume that's changed in recent years, considering how much the MarioWiki has grown.
Me: Moving forward a bit; who was the first person you befriended on the wiki?
Crocodile Dippy: Aipom. Sort of. Kind of. Not really, I guess. More Xzelion and Master Crash. No big surprise I'm still best friends with those two.
Me: Good times. Master Crash was my first friend as well. Xzelion became a good bud early on too.
Me: I don't know much about Aipom. Do you remember what he was like at all?
Crocodile Dippy: Uhh...not really. I think I joined around a time he was beginning to lose interest in the site, so I don't really know anything about the bloke. Asking someone from the even earlier days would probably get you a better answer.
Me: That's understandable. I'll just have to save that question for another interview.
Me: Moving on to something that doesn't tug at your memory so much… Pretty much anyone that knows you, knows that you love music more than just about everyone else here.
Me: Except me, of course
Crocodile Dippy: I'd argue that.
Me: And I’d argue back. Unfortunately, we don't have time for such an extravagant debate!
Crocodile Dippy: What a shame. </Denton>
Me: This may seem like a vague question, but why do you like music so much? Surely you get something more out of it than your average radio-listener.
Crocodile Dippy: I like sounds. Visual beauty is all well and good, but I just feel something special when I hear audio that's beautiful, intricate, intriguing, funny, insightful, or any assortment of adjectives that could apply to what one looks for in an art form. I suppose I just get more out of sounds than from any other sense.
Me: Very well said! Nothing is better than a truly artful composition.
Me: If you could recommend one band or artist for our readers to listen to right now, who would it be?
Crocodile Dippy: Isn't it obvious? My Bloody Valentine. I even went by that name for the better part of two years. If ever a band that managed to take such a simple, aggressive concept and turn it into something serene, ethereal and utterly gorgeous, it's My Bloody Valentine. They're also Irish, so bonus points.
Me: Now, that's my kind of country.
Crocodile Dippy: Hell yeah, man. Let's all get drunk and sing sea shanties.
Me: And instead of going to war, we'll settle our differences in a good-natured pub brawl!
Me: On the subject of foreign lands, you live in Australia...which is foreign to most of our memberbase.
Me: What's it like there?
Crocodile Dippy: I live in the Melbourne suburbs, so it's largely the same as American living, although we have more batshit insane Greenies running the country into the ground. We have a few national parks nearby that have kangaroos, wombats, wallabies, kookaburras and koalas, yeah, but it's nothing like actual outback living.
Crocodile Dippy: I've expressed a strong desire to move up north to Darwin, where the true Aussie outback is. Someday...
Me: If I ever visit Australia, I'd want to visit the areas that are more like the true outback. Not the places that resemble America. That's not exotic!
Crocodile Dippy: Stay away from Gold Coast, then. It's the absolute pits.
Me: I'll remember that. I doubt the audience will, though.
Me: …Yes yes, I know, "what audience".
Crocodile Dippy: We'll make an audience if we have to.
Me: Science probably allows that this day and age. We should experiment.
Me: Moving on; I think Australia has some stellar terminology. What's some of your favorite Aussie slang?
Crocodile Dippy: Piece of Piss; you gallah; bloody wanker; flat out like a lizard drinkin'; thick as two short planks; sepo; trouble and strife; banana bender; Kiwi dipshits (even tho that's a tautology).
Crocodile Dippy: We have a lot of slang.
Me: I feel proud for actually knowing what a few of those mean.
Crocodile Dippy: If not just because of Team Fortress 2. :P
Me: Snipin's a good job, mate.
Crocodile Dippy: Standin' around like a BLOODY IDIOT.
Me: Oh wow, I really am, aren't I?
Me: Circling back to the wiki a bit (more so to The 'Shroom)... What inspired you to review games?
Crocodile Dippy: I'm a huge fan of video games. I feel they have immense potential to become possibly the greatest medium for narrative and artistic design, due to their emphasis on involving the player directly with the story, but the medium has such a long way to go before it can really be considered as mature and sophisticated as movies or books.
Crocodile Dippy: So, I felt I may as well help even a small demographic of gamers acknowledge and overcome the many mistakes and repeated flaws the industry always falls back on, and to shine a light on the actually-good examples of game design that should be given more attention than the heartless cash-ins that dominate the market.
Crocodile Dippy: Less pretentiously, SMB and Edo wanted more writers, I wanted to write something, and I felt it was a good opening to have some fun and help my friends out with something.
Me: They begged you to write too? Now I feel less special.
Me: Seriously, though, I think video games can be a great way to express art, but it's rare to find one that can pull it off well. I think it's cool that you're going out of your way to tell others about the gems and abominations in the video game industry.
Me: As a game critic, what would you say is the worst game you have ever played?
Crocodile Dippy: Well I think I'm less educated than more professional critics (duh), since I haven't really played as many games as some people might think (play ALL the games), but I think 'Sonic Unleashed' is the worst I've tried thus far. Couldn't even make it to the end because it was so intolerably bad.
Crocodile Dippy: But I just recently purchased 'AMY' on the PlayStation Network, so perhaps that'll beat out 'Unleashed'.
Me: I have yet to play 'Sonic Unleashed', but I'll be honest; the game looks completely ridiculous to me.
Me: On the other hand, what is your favorite video game?
Crocodile Dippy: I listed three of my favourites on the forum, 'Portal', 'Deus Ex' and 'Shadow of the Colossus'. Of the three, I'd say the last one is my favourite, for how utterly unique, exciting, atmospheric and just plain fun it is. I've never been more immensely immersed and entertained by any other game thus far.
Me: 'Portal' is one of my favorite games as well. I also remember enjoying 'Deus Ex' quite a lot, although I've not played it in quite a while. 'Shadow of the Colossus' looks incredibly unique and artistic. I've been wanting to play it for a while now.
Me: Alright, now it's time to be a creepy stalker. What kind of hobbies do you have outside of the MarioWiki community?
Crocodile Dippy: I think I've become quite well known as 'Dippy, Seeker of Beverages'. Meaning I'm something of an amateur budding connoisseur of alcoholic beverages. I frequently prepare cocktails, mixed drinks, and other assorted alcohol beverages for my family — who are all of legal drinking age — or occasionally for guests.
Me: Everybody, party at Dippy's house!
Crocodile Dippy: Please no, I'm running out of liqueurs.
Crocodile Dippy: Aside from that, I also love to watch Youtube Poop Music Videos, which anyone who has friended me on Twitter or Facebook will be quite aware of.
Me: In fact, you're quite a fan of Marcelagus's YTPMVs, right? Any particular video of his you'd recommend?
Crocodile Dippy: "Doktor Mario" and "Crash Fortress" are my favourites. He's getting better each video.
Me: It'd be great to see him achieve some fame on YouTube for his hard work. They really are good videos.
Me: (But I'm a bit of a sucker for anything TF2.)
Crocodile Dippy: He has achieved some fame, seeing as how he's been noticed by MrXarlable, dpritchsixteen and even his idol DWL1993.
Me: No wonder he's around here less and less. He has fans to attend to!
Me: TF2 reminds me... On a much less serious note, you're a notorious crocodile hunter around some parts of the community. Tell me: how many crocs have you taken down so far this month?
Crocodile Dippy: Let me think... that time in the swamp... adding up the one that attacked me at lunch yesterday... adding up my trip to the local zoo... hmm, roughly 20. Not my finest month, I'm afraid.
Me: That's actually a bit disappointing. But I guess it's acceptable as long as you took some of them down with your bare hands or a giant knife...!
Crocodile Dippy: Oh of course. My rifle is reserved for human beings. More hilarious that way when they realize what was in those bullets.
Me: Apparently, certain Canadians have terrible allergies to the bullets' contents. You may want to keep this in mind in case you ever want to trade croc-hunting for moose-hunting.
Me: ...Oh goodness, look at the time, I think I've kept you here waaaay too long. So, I'll close out with an old favorite.
Me: Is this the last question?
Crocodile Dippy: If I answer that, I'm legally forfeiting my right to ever be interviewed again.
Crocodile Dippy: In fact, it implies this is the last question I'll ever be asked by anyone ever.
Crocodile Dippy: And I don't want that. No one wants that.
Me: Finally! After all these years, someone gets it.
Crocodile Dippy: Great minds think alike.
Me: Great minds must be an endangered species.
Me: I think we should set up a fundraiser for them before your next interview.
Crocodile Dippy: It worked for Double Fine !!
Me: But they have BEARDS.
Crocodile Dippy: So do Vikings !!
Crocodile Dippy: The greatest minds known to man.
Me: Leave it to them to discover that skulls make great soup bowls.
Me: Although, maybe we can grow beards by your next interview. Then you can be like Ned Kelly.
Crocodile Dippy: But then I'll be gunned down by irate admins. :(
Me: Oh. Maybe we should make that interview super special, then.
Me: Since it'll be your last one!
Crocodile Dippy: Until then, mate.
Me: I'm not done yet, mate. Not by a loooooong shot.
Crocodile Dippy: Shit, how long is this interview going to go for?


Me: Well, that does it for today folks! Hope you enjoyed this long-winded and totally-not-boring interview!
Me: Thanks again, Dippy.
Crocodile Dippy: Thanks for having me, mate. Let's have a cold one at the bar later, I'll pay.

The Second Target

My next interviewee, Master Crash, has a much less detailed past. He joined the wiki a few months before Dippy did, so he's certainly been here for quite some time.

Like Dippy, Crash was quick to accumulate numerous friends around the wiki and receive a reputation as a good guy. Crash was must less active in the encyclopedic end of the wiki than Dippy, opting to spend more time around the members of the community instead. Crash became an Operator in the chatroom, as well as a Bureaucrat on Userpedia because of this. He was featured in countless comics on Userpedia as well. On the MarioWiki, Crash was known for helping out many users who were new to the wiki (including yours truly).

Shortly after the crash of the ScribbleWiki Userpedia in 2008, Master Crash slowly became less and less active. He joined the Adriels Userpedia shortly after its inception, but did not maintain an active status there. Around this time, he became more active on The Xephyr Board, making a fair amount of posts there to keep in contact with his close friends. His activity continued to decrease, until he eventually reached the point where many people assumed he had retired. Though he would stop by the MarioWiki Forum, Xephyr, or chat for a brief visit once in a blue moon, he didn't become active again until sometime last year. Now, Crash is considerably more scurrilous than he was a few years ago, somewhat more similar to how his brother, Xzelion, would act; however, Crash is still just as outgoing as he always was.

Crash is also notable for having 3 siblings on the wiki, all brothers. Xzelion, Eggbert, and SM97 are those three; although, most people probably only know Xzelion, as he was the only other one besides Crash who was really active.

I'd like to make this introduction more involved, but Crash's large bouts of inactivity for a couple years gives me less to write about. I'll subtly blame him for a shorter introduction than Dippy's.

The Second Interview

Me: 'Allo once again, 'Shroom readers! Today, I'll be interviewing everyone's favorite dude; Master Crash!
Me: Say hi to your raving swarm of fans.
Crash: I can't think of anything witty to say, so... hi!
Me: That's probably for the best. Don't want the readers getting TOO excited over your presence.
Me: I guess I'll start things off with the simple facts. About how long ago did you join the wiki?
Crash: If, my memory is correct, sometime around February 2007.
Crash: [insert something funny regarding my joindate here]
Me:, that's over 5 years ago. Not too many people from way back then are still around today.
Crash: I know, it's rather sad when you think about it ;_;
Me: Do you remember who your first friend on the wiki was?
Crash: The first person (besides my brothers) that I talked to on the wiki was Aipom, he was advertising a comic and asked if I wanted to join.
Crash: So I did, and in the first fight of the comic that I was in, I got my ass (or... arse? Should I say arse? Is there a restriction on language here?) kicked by Dry Bones, currently known as The Missing Link, now retired.
Me: (Nah, most language is fine; just avoid dropping the f-bomb or derogatory terms too much)
Crash: Being the good sport I am, I went over to his talk page and... congratulated him on his victory, and from then, I think that's how we became buds.
Crash: Now that I think about it, I dunno why I congratulated him over something that happened in a comic.
Crash: But it sparked a friendship, so no arguments from me.
Me: Funny that Aipom was your first friend. My last interviewee also claimed he was his "first [not really] friend".
Me: You and Dry Bones/The Missing Link used to best buds, I remember that quite well. Do you miss him these days?
Crash: Of course not, I hated his guts. Worst friend you could ever have, that one.
Crash: Joking aside (for the moment, at least) I do, it would be nice to see how he's doing.
Me: I agree! I haven't seen him in well over a year myself. I hope all is well for him.
Crash: I bet he's doing just fine.
Me: Besides TML, which user from the good ol' days do you think you miss the most?
Crash: Hmm, that's a tough one.
Crash: I would say the YellowDinoDude, or Purple Yoshi, but I've managed to keep in contact with them.
Crash: I would have to say... Maybe Plumber. ...or 3D.
Crash: ...or Bean. ...or HK.
Crash: Too many to name, really, lol.
Me: I think Plums is the only one out of those who still visits on rare occasions.
Crash: Does he? I know I've seen Bean and HK maybe once or twice on the IRC.
Crash: 3D however... Haven't seen that man in ages.
Me: I definitely miss 3D as well, that guy was the absolute best. I believe the last time I saw him was in 2008.
Me: (Look at us reminiscing about older users. We sound so old.)
Me: (But you definitely sound older than me...!)
Crash: I almost forgot you were here as long as me.
Crash: How long have you been here, again?
Me: November of '07. You've got a 9 month head start on me.
Crash: Oh, that is a long time.
Crash: Do you remember who your first friend on the wiki was?
Crash: Wait, what am I doing.
Crash: The interviewer becomes the interviewee.
Me: Also, my first friend was you!
Crash: Oh yeah, I remember. I think I still have that picture you made with Luigi and the Chameleon.
Me: Oh no, that's evidence of my noobishness. NEVER REVEAL THAT.
Me: The tables have turned. This is becoming quite an interesting interview.
Crash: Hehe, this interview is much better than our first attempt. That one was looking horrifically boring.
Crash: Too many bad jokes on my end.
Me: Bad jokes have been known to kill people.
Crash: They're as deadly as any other poison out there.
Crash: Lethal in the wrong hands.
Me: Let's see... One thing you're very well-known for around here is your artistic abilities. What inspired you to start spriting and get into graphic design?
Crash: Umm.... I really don't know, I've been drawing since I can remember.
Crash: MS Paint was just a step-up from crayons, I guess? heh
Me: So you've been artistic since birth? Well, aren't you gifted.
Me: Do you prefer spriting/creating imagery on the computer, or do you still like to draw on paper?
Crash: Hmm, probably on the computer, but I still like to draw on paper sometimes.
Crash: It depends.
Me: Well, you can do so much more on the computer, I can kind of get why. But it's always good to just sit back and draw a doodle or sketch on paper sometimes.
Me: Plus, your eyes are much less likely to shrivel up.
Crash: Very true.
Me: Where did your sprite design come from? Obviously, Luigi is part of it, but what inspired the mask and other features of your character's avatar?
Crash: The Link Luigi, I think I just came up with, but the Mr. L design was a suggestion from Xze, if I remember correctly.
Crash: At the moment, I'm in the middle of revising them, make them a little less plain, and add my own little customization to it.
Me: I remember seeing your Link Luigi design. I'd actually forgotten about it until now.
Crash: Yeah, that was my first attempt at spriting, not too bad for a first try, if I do say so myself. But they weren't too special.
Me: Nah, they weren't bad at all. I'd even say they were great compared to quite a few sprite designs to roll through Userpedia.
Me: But I definitely prefer your Mr. L design, though. Can't wait to see what awesome tweaks you make to the design.
Crash: Thanks.
Crash: I hope I can actually get some released, I'm a little lazy, lol.
Me: Aren't we all? :P
Me: Somewhat related to pictures and sprites, I have a question about Userpedia. Many people are uncertain of the site's origins. Do you think you could tell us a bit about how the site came to be?
Crash: Back then, I wanted to make a wiki about users, which I called "The User's Wiki". At first, I asked Plumber if he wanted to help me out with it. When he declined, I turned to The Missing Link, who agreed to help out.
Crash: Maybe, like... a day into it's creation, we got a couple of people spamming us. After a little while of deterring them, we decided to go over and help out Xze with his wiki, "Userpedia".
Crash: I later found out that the people spamming us was Xze, Max2 (I think), and Plumber, as a way to... bring us together, I guess.
Crash: I dunno why he went through the trouble, he could've just asked, lol.
Crash: But that's about it, at least all I remember of it.
Crash: There's probably a second side to the story, though.
Me: That's actually pretty interesting. I had no idea Xze did that to get you to join his site.
Me: It certainly seems like something he would do though, lol.
Me: Speakin' o' Xze; apparently, some people think you're cooler and/or more badass than your older brother Xzelion. What do you have to say about this victorious moment?
Crash: Those are some intelligent people rite thar. B)
Crash: But actually, the few people I've met who did say that, despised Xze. So, I wonder whether they say that out of admiration for me, or spite for Xze.
Me: Well, I haven't actually heard that specifically from certain people, so I couldn't say. I'm sure that at least some of them are quite fond of you both, tho.
Me: Not that Xze needs friends. That's what pretzels are for.
Crash: He'd never yell or make sarcastic remarks about pretzels.
Me: Nope. He'll probably end up marrying Rold Goldilocks.
Me: (Oh, just shoot me now.)
Me: Changing subjects; considering this is a site about video games, I guess I should ask this question: what's your favorite video game?
Crash: Oh... goodness that's a toughie.
Crash: Mario games, I guess my favorites would be.... 'Super Mario 64' and 'Luigi's Mansion'.
Crash: Non-Mario games... I've invested a lot of time into 'Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker', 'LittleBigPlanet', and 'Uncharted 2'. 'Dragon Quest IX', too.
Crash: Stooben, why did you have to ask me this question? ;-;
Me: Because I like to see you squirm—errr, because it's in the routine! Yeah, let's go with that.
Crash: I'm starting to wonder whether you're an interviewer, or a torturer.
Me: I feel bad for not having played a single one of those games outside of the two Mario ones, lol. I'm so cultured.
Crash: If you can, you ought to give some of them a try.
Me: I've been wanting to try out Uncharted for quite a while, so that would probably be my first pick to try out.
Me: Maybe a less cruel question would be, what games do you think have the best art design?
Crash: Umm...
Crash: No, ask me a different question. :(
Me: Mr. Bossy-Pants.
Me: Alright, I guess it's time for my favorite activity. Creepy stalker tactics.
Me: Look into my eyes and tell me... What hobbies do you have outside of the wiki community?
Crash: Well, art, as I'm sure you know, would be one of them. Occasionally, I like to play some sports, like baseball and football.
Crash: It's been awhile since I have, but I do like to mess around on the piano sometimes.
Crash: (I'm a boring person, I know. :p)
Me: (Not at all, bro. Arts and music are the best forms of entertainment.)
Me: Since you like to play baseball and football, do you have favorite teams for those sports?
Me: And, do you know any songs on the piano?
Crash: Yep, Chicago Cubs/Bears fan, right here.
Me: Da Bears.
Crash: I could probably never play a full song on the piano, but I did teach myself how to play the theme from 'Star Wars'. Plus, some songs from 'The Legend of Zelda'.
Crash: Saria's song, Song of Storms, etc.
Me: The 'Star Wars' original score is pretty intense. Kudos for actually learning the theme.
Me: 'The Legend of Zelda' series has some of my favorite video game songs. Those must have been fun to learn.
Crash: Yeah, and some are pretty easy to learn.
Me: Hm, all this talk about songs and a piano reminds me... You absolutely love Coldplay. This should be common knowledge to most people.
Me: What's some of your favorite works by Coldplay?
Crash: I'd say, my top three songs are "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face", "Talk", and "Violet Hill".
Crash: But I pretty much love anything from them.
Me: "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" would definitely be in my top three is as well. But I too love just about all their work.
Me: (Just a couple o' fanboys.)
Crash: (Hehe)
Crash: Oh yeah? What would your top three be?
Crash: Oh wait, I'm doing it again.
Me: Well, I'm certainly not one to deny attention.
Me: "High Speed", "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face", and "Major Minus".
Me: Well, I think I've kept you locked up in this torture/interview room for long enough. I guess I should close things out with the classic question.
Crash: What kind of psychological BS are you trying to pull here? :(
Crash: Actually, if you consider that a question, then the answer is no.
Crash: hehehe
Me: Aw man. Twice in a row, I've been foiled by my interviewees. ;-;
Me: Cue catastrophic meltdown.
Crash: The torturer becomes the tortured.
Crash: Mwahaha.
Me: * Winner of Most Poetic Interview - 2012 *
Crash: How about longest interview?
Crash: Three hours or so, that's gotta be a record, right? :D
Me: Almost!
Crash: Aw, we at least got runner-up though, right?
Me: Actually, as far as combined time goes, this might be the longest. But SMB once interviewed me over the course of two days, so it depends on your view.
Crash: Aw, how the hell am I supposed to compete with that?
Crash: Ah well, I'll take what I can get.
Me: There is no competing with it. The interview was even performed on motorcycles.
Me: But at least you're not a sore loser! (Too bad I'm a mean interviewer.)
Crash: Well, next time you interview me, bring unicycles.
Me: Now that's hardcore.
Crash: Or maybe we could try riding on Tauntauns?
Crash: Ah! We could ride Tauntauns, who are riding unicycles.
Crash: Or we could ride unicycles riding Tauntauns.
Me: Rentals from Hoth are pretty expensive... but it would be worth it!
Crash: I know an Imperial soldier who can get us a discount.
Crash: I watched his pet Rancor over the summer, so he owes me.
Me: You're really connected. I wish I had intergalactic friends. :(
Me: We should probably end this before you make me break down into tears.
Me: Well, I guess that's it for this interview, folks! I hope you've enjoyed learning some cool things about Crash.
Me: Else, he'll have been exhausted for nothing.
Me: Say bye to your now-sleeping raving swarm of fans!
Crash: I'm getting paid for this, right?
Me: Define "paid".
Crash: You know, moolah, greenbacks, etc.
Me: Greenbacks? Now, that I can do.
Crash: I ask a lot of questions for an interviewee, so I'll just say bye and get this over with.
Crash: Goodnight and goodbye, former insomniacs!

In Closing

I think Dippy's story on this wiki is very interesting and inspiring. He's had more happen to him, and has done more for and around the community than pretty much any other user I can think of. He's always looked for ways to contribute, further himself, and further those around him. He is extremely dedicated to making the Awards Ceremony the best it can be this year, has put a great deal of effort into improving The 'Shroom, and has poured an immeasurable amount of care into being a good friend. Sure, I may be biased since he's my best friend, but if you ask around the community, you'll find a vast number of users who consider Dippy a good friend, a cool guy, or just as someone who has helped them out in some way. Even through controversy, he's managed to turn himself into a commendable and admirable member of the community. I think a lot of people could learn from Dippy.

Crash is a great role model for many things. First and foremost, I think the way he helped newer users out back in the day is a method that many users could learn and eventually benefit from. His amiable personality is another thing many could learn from; unfortunately, a lot of petty hate still floats around the wiki, more specifically to those who haven't done anything that could be considered them "asking for it". But again, I'm a bit biased here, since Crash has always been a close friend of mine. So, maybe I'm rambling.

The point I'm trying to make is that these are two very awesome people worth getting to know, or at the very least, worth just chillin' with. And when I say you could learn something from these guys, I'm not just specifically talking about values or wiki tactics; they're both very cultured people with a lot of cool things to talk about. Just don't go buggin' them if you're an annoying douche.

Alright, I guess I should stop kissing ass and shut up now. That's it for this month's interview. Hope you enjoyed learning some facts about two of the MarioWiki's most well-known users. See you next month!