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Entertainment Section

by SKmarioman (talk)
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Hey guys it's SKmarioman here and welcome to this month's edition of the Entertainment Section. This month I'm going to talk about a Newgrounds Paper Mario flash movie, Paper Mario And The Hat Of Fire, written by Nintendo-Ninja, animated by Matt Bendo and additional animation by Odneb.

Paper Mario And The Hat Of Fire

The movie starts of with Mario sleeping when Luigi screams out his name. Mario walks outside where Luigi tells him that the Princess has been kidnapped again. Mario asks where Bowser is, when Toadsworth falls out of a tree, telling him that Bowser's on a distant island. Mario wonders how he was supposed to get there, and Toadsworth explains that the Mushroom Kingdom has build him a great raft. Angry, Mario yells at him, saying, "A RAFT?! Why not a boat you lazy jerk!" when Toadsworth cuts him off with, "Get going, Mario. Good luck."

Mario goes out to sea on his rusty raft at the middle of the night, when lightning strikes him knocking him off the raft. In the morning, two Bob-ombs find him unconscious on the beach, so they light a bomb next to him to wake him up. Mario wonders where he is, and the two Bob-ombs tell him that he's on the same island that Bowser's on. However, he's on the other side of the island though, so Mario walks off. The Bob-ombs notice that his hat's on fire, but they decide not to tell him.

So Mario began his quest to save the Princess. He goes through the jungle, through the desert, through the mountains and through the sewers for the Princess.

Mario finally gets to Bowser's Castle where a sign at the front says "1 Coin Entrance Fee". Mario goes through his pockets, and then says, "Crap! I dropped my wallet!"

Mario x 0.5?

So Mario set off on his quest to find his wallet. He goes through the sewers, through the mountains, through the desert, and through jungle for his wallet.

Mario gets back to the beach where he started, picks up his wallet, and then stops, because he forgot what he was even doing on the island on the first place. After a brick falls on his head, he suddenly remembers.

Mario x -2?

So Mario set off on his quest to save the Princess... again. He goes through the jungle, through the desert, through the mountains and through the sewers for the Princess.

Mario gets into Bowser's Castle, where whole armies of Koopa Troopas, Goombas and Bob-ombs await him. As always, Mario defeats all of them and reaches Bowser in no time.

Bowser, annoyed at the fact that his minions told him that he was there, decided to get it over and done with, and KOs Mario straight away. Luigi, in a giant Cheep Cheep blimp, throws a star down to Mario, and completely misses. Mario gets angry at Luigi, when Bowser smacks Mario, knocking him over and making Mario's burning hat fall on him, setting Bowser on fire and killing him. Luigi drops a ladder down to Mario, saying "C'mon Mario. Let's go home."

Three months later, Mario's sleeping in his bed (and his hat's still on fire), when he wakes up and says, "HOLY CRAP!! I forgot the Princess!".

Cool Facts

Length: 6 minutes and 5 seconds. Time spent on Movie: 1 Month. Total Frames: 8721.