The 'Shroom:Issue LII/Mafia Game

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Mafia Game

By Tucayo (talk)

Hi, I am your not-so-angry-as-I-was-when-the-game-was-running 'Shroom Werewolf host, Tucayo. I'll keep this rant brief. I was trying to make this game as spectacular, or even more than the first one. I came momentarily out of my retirement and logged in at times I wouldn't normally do to try to provide you the best game there could be. I tried and tried, but it's useless if none of the players are contributing. I had to remind the Werewolves every night to send their nightkills, I had to press players to vote and still there was one phase with NO VOTES. I am ashamed of the outcome. Some players (I won't say names) didn't realize the game had started until DAY 5. Some other players used the lame "IDK who to vote so I won't" reasoning instead of trying to use their brains and make a smart move. MVP? No way, more like NSTP, Not So Terrible Player, and that has to go to BMB for making the only smart vote in the entire game. But the innocents didn't trust him, which eventually led to an early win of the Wolves. Ratings? 4/10 for BMB and the Werewolves, 0/10 for everyone else. Oh, I also forgot to mention that the Werewolves never realized they had two kills on Night 2. With that said, I will be really pissed if the Werewolf game wins Best Event at the 'Shroom Awards II. Don't forget to tune in.

Have a nice day.