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Section of the Month

Section of the Month
Month Issue Section Writer
April 2011 Issue XLIX Fake Ads Gamefreak75 (talk)
May 2011 Issue L Should Have Been MrConcreteDonkey (talk)

The winner of the Section of the Month award for the Special Fiftieth Issue is Should Have Been, having been written by MrConcreteDonkey!

Out of the many sections written last month, this section was chosen as the being one of the best. But why did it earn this title? Well, it was well-written, thorough, contained a lot of images, was well-humored, and covered what it was supposed to cover. It wasn't an average section– you could see that a lot of effort and time went into the section. The section is very deserving of the title "Section of the Month". MrConcreteDonkey has been writing the section since February 2011, and has been consistently turning it in every time since. His remarkably great writing style and overall great quality sections have been appreciated, and will continue to be as long as he writes. Good job, and great to see you get this award!

Upcoming Games by Paper Yoshi, and Music Factoid by SimeaMorgana also got quite a deal of consideration for the title, as well as Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner by Coincollector and Cooking Guide by Gamefreak75. Last month was a spectacular month, and everybody did an outstanding job. The aforementioned sections were also very representative of the quality of the issue. So good job to everybody mentioned as well.

But that concludes the Section of the Month presentation for May 2011. Issue LI is here, so next month we will be covering the winner of the Section of the Month for this issue. Again, congratulations to MrConcreteDonkey for winning Section of the Month for May 2011 with your Should Have Been section!