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Section of the Month

Section of the Month
Month Issue Section Writer
April 2011 Issue XLIX Fake Ads Gamefreak75 (talk)

At some day back in 2006, The 'Shroom was created. It was envisioned as a community project, and ever since then users combined their creativity to provide the community with an issue every month. A few of these users showed themselves to be very ambitious and as a result, they produced memorable contributions. About a little more than a year ago, the staff began asking themselves how it would be possible to reward those people for their efforts. These thoughts eventually culminated in the establishment of a writer award: The Section of the Month, a special tribute to those who put the most effort into their creation. And this special will mark the first instance of a writer receiving this tribute.

The receiver of April 2011's Section of the Month is Fake Ads, an overall excellent contribution to the Fake News written by Gamefreak75. Gamefreak75 has been a writer for Fake Ads since January 2010, meaning he has been a part of the writing team for more than a whole year, which is respectable for a writer of the 'Shroom. His first contribution was relatively simplistic; trying to advertise a Question Mark Block to the readers. Gamefreak75 has come a long way since then. His contributions steadily grew larger, more distinct, and he eventually started creating images for them as well. His contribution for April 2011 was overall the largest of his works up to that point. The section was planned out well in advance, and it becomes apparent that he poured a lot of effort into making it. The section has images to go along with it, one of them being a self-created animated gif. In general, April's Fake Ads were a positively surprising contribution; an excellent section received perfectly on time and without complications. Therefore, we from the 'Shroom Core Staff think this is worthy of being Section of the Month April 2011.

But of course this is not the only excellent section April had to offer. Along with Fake Ads, two other sections were brought up while we decided for the tribute receiver. One of these sections is Fading Into Obscurity, written by Marioguy1. The section is fluently written and provides excellent information about an obscure character (just like it's supposed to be), Stanley the Bugman. The other section who almost but not quite made it is Fake Characters, written for the Fake News by MrConcreteDonkey who will unfortunately quit after this month. It is quite sad, because his writing is not bad at all, and maybe his section could have made it eventually. Maybe he will get a shot with one of his other sections, though.

And that concludes the Section of the Month for April 2011. Until next time, do your best. :3