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February Report 

by Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y


Big milestones were surpassed this February: 5000 files uploaded, 100,000 page edits, 7,000,000 page views, and 1000 users.
February Statistics
Statistic As of 15:40P, 1 February* As of 16:30P, 1 March* Total for February % of Change
Page Views 5,268,122 7,005,540 1,737,418 32.98%
Views per Edit 63.58 69.30 9.00%
Page Edits 82,862 101,083 18,221 21.99%
Edits per Page 5.79 6.27 8.29%
# of Articles 4,141 4,701 560 13.52%
# of Pages 14,301 16,127 1,816 12.77%
# of Files 4,610 5,008 398 8.63%
# of Users 912 1,059 147 16.12%
From December
Statistic As of 11:15P, 30 November* As of 16:30P, 1 March* Trimonthly Total % of Change
Page Views 2,869,440 Look Up! 4,136,100 144.14%
Views per Edit 50.02 38.55%
Page Edits 57,371 43,712 76.19%
Edits per Page 5.39 16.33%
# of Articles 3,230 1,471 45.54%
# of Pages 10,645 5,488 51.49%
# of Files 3,411 1,697 46.82%
# of Users 651 408 62.67%
*All times EDT.
Due to time constraints, the Top 10 comparison section will not be shown today. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

New ACTIVE Users

Though we didn't reach 166 new users this month, we have a ton of new active ones. Here I again list the most active:

Also shout-outs to RAP (talk) and Maxlover2 (talk) (*) for still being super-active this month.


The big news this month was of the RareWiki. It was decided that the Banjo & Conker series was of barely any importance on this wiki, so a wiki that has it of primary importance was created by me (or, rather, a Wikia). This follows the Diddy Kong Racing DS report from last month. Although customized and with 90 articles, 72 files, and nearly 20 active users, the RareWiki needs help getting that jumpstart. I'll report on its progress this month.

New created on February 12th is the Trouble Center. Based off of the trouble center of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, users post a request (such as adding a navigation template to all pages related to it, etc.) and another user takes on the request. So far the Trouble Center boosts 21 completed requests, and has helped with mainspace edits greatly.

Otherwise, the wiki has continued to be very vibrant and informative to all. Please keep in mind of the MKDSummer Event – I still want to try to get something down.

Also, today's unofficially Mario Day. The origins come from leet: 1 = i and 0 = o in leet. Take the abbreviation of the month March and combine it with today's date to get Mar10 (Mario). There's various traditions for some people and whatnot, but regardless, happy Mario Day!

One last note... MarioWiki:Anniversary. If the link's red, you're reading the 'Shroom hot off the press, and it hasn't been created yet. If the link's not red, click on it. This big project should be very fun.