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December Report 

by Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y


Last month was a record-breaking one for the Super Mario Wiki. Page views skyrocketed and every statistic shown, except for number of sysops, increased.
December Statistics
Statistic As of 11:15P, 30 November* As of 11:45P, 31 December* Total for December** % of Change**
Page Views 2,869,440 3,880,859 1,011,419 35.25%
Views per Edit 50.02 57.73 15.41%
Page Edits 57,371 67,219 9,848 17.17%
Edits per Page 5.39 5.73 6.31%
# of Articles 3,230 3,456 226 7.00%
# of Pages 10,645 11,738 1,093 10.27%
# of Files 3,411 3,859 448 13.13%
# of Users 651 746 95 14.59%
# of Sysops 10 10 0 0%
*All times EDT. **As shown by the time, there is an extra 30 minutes of data, but it is during a low time and barely affects results.

Now, here's what changed in the Top 10 most viewed pages. The time the data was taken is the same.
Top 10
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Previously... Main Page Characters Games Bowser Peach Mario Enemies Items Species Places
Views 140,951 51,953 32,060 19,476 18,939 17,928 16,799 15,815 13,541 12,973
After... Main Page Characters Games Bowser* Enemies* Mario Peach Items Places Species
Views 198,471 66,216 42,532 25,429 24,857 24,841 23,410 19,893 16,448 16,281
*Just recently, Enemies has overtaken Bowser for the 4th spot. Somehow, that list page has increased in views by 59.68%, from November 30th to January 6th.

New ACTIVE Users

Out of 95 new users last month, a few have or are actively contributing to the wiki, and they are listed and recognized below. :)

Other Wikis

Donkey Kong Wiki

On last check, the DKWiki was doing adequately, even with only one superactive user. Sir Grodus (talk) (DKWiki user page) has been working on this wiki the most, when he can, along with some contributions from WarioLoaf and a few others. Without many users, the wiki's not even close to being as active as this wiki. This leads me into my next subject...

Wario Wiki

The WarioWiki is not open. Some excitement was risen when one of our now-inactive users, Knife, began tagging articles to be moved and split into the wiki. However, Steve has not declared anything, and after I moved many articles tagged to the WarioWiki in preparation, he has locked the wiki so only he can get in. A link will be provided when it's time, but for now, the project is waiting for action. We need to get the DKWiki running more efficiently first.


The only news for December is that, of course, Christmas came around, and many received new Mario games so that they could contribute their info to the wiki. And not just play them. I think. :D

Next month will be the same style, with updates on the DKWiki, WarioWiki, and a bit about the MKDSummer Event.