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Hey, I see you've been making MLPiT articles. That is perfectly okay, but please don't create already existing pages. Make sure that there isn't a page already for your articles. Thanks and keep rockin'.Knife (talk)

I'm sorry, I thought that it was called a ShroobISH, not a ShroobOID. I was mistaken. No wonder the article didn't exist yet... Super Pie Man


To edit the titles of existing articles click on the Move Button at the top of the page and change the title. That easy. Paper Jorge

Ohhhhh.... I wondered what "Move" was for. Thank you! Super Pie Man

Oh, you're welcome. I'm a sysop and I love to help. Also type three ~~~ when doing comments on talk pages! Paper Jorge

OK! I'm sort of a noob. LOL. Super Pie Man

I didn't noticed you were back, hello. Gofer

Yes I'm back. I'm trying to get the scoop on Super Mario Galaxy. By the way, the article stated that there are six galaxies. There are actually 40 galaxies which reside in six themed areas. I'm trying to fix it. Super Pie Man